Watch: Batwoman Season 2 Teaser Offers First Look At Javicia Leslie In Action


When Batwoman returns, there will be a new heroine under the cowl. Ruby Rose surprised us all by stepping down as Kate Kane after season 1, leaving the producers to create an original character to lead the show in her stead going forward – Ryan Wilder, as played by God Friended Me star Javicia Leslie. We’ve already seen a fair amount of the actress in her revamped Batwoman costume, but this new teaser offers our first look at actual footage of her in action.

In the player above, you can watch the brief promo which encourages fans to catch up on season 1 on The CW app ahead of season 2 kicking off on the network in January. As well as some clips from last year, it unveils a couple of scenes featuring Leslie as Ryan. In one, the heroine is holding up the Batwoman suit and staring at it in awe. This may well be the first time she lays eyes on the costume.

The second clip, meanwhile, is clearly from much later on, as it shows Ryan inside the suit and getting the better of some Gothamite goons. Batwoman drops down on her grappling hook and surprises a henchman with a cheeky “boo!” This scene does a good job of showing off Ryan’s different personality from Kate’s and wait, is that guy wearing a clown mask? Is the Joker on his way to the Arrowverse at last?

Another thing to note is that while this footage appears to feature Leslie in Kate’s costume, we know from set photos and videos that she’ll revamp it to fit her own style. This will include more red detailing and a new wig. She’s also going to skip Kate’s motorcycle and start taking the Batmobile out for a spin.

Like the teaser says, Batwoman season 2 is set to premiere on The CW on Sunday, January 17th, making it the first Arrowverse series to return. Black Lightning, The Flash and Superman & Lois will then follow in February.