Watch: New Boys Season 2 Clip Teases The Deep And Starlight’s Reunion

The Boys

The Boys season 2 will arrive in just under a month’s time and I can’t wait. After a long, largely superhero-free summer, I’ve got a craving for people in silly costumes and capes beating the crap out of one another. Let’s face it, there’s nothing that delivers that with as much ludicrously entertaining gore and sick fun as The Boys.

To whet our appetites for what’s coming, Amazon Prime Video has now released a new clip from the show via their Twitter account. It sees Chace Crawford’s The Deep, who was kicked out of The Seven in season 1 for sexual assault, reuniting with his victim, Erin Moriarty’s Starlight.

As we left the show, The Deep was desperately trying to rehabilitate his image after being sent to the small city of Sandusky, Ohio. And as we can see in the clip, he continues to have terrible luck when it comes to his marine companions – with his whale buddy Lucy having been killed by an oncoming ship. While the other members of The Seven seem annoyed by having to deal with him again, Starlight is furious and explains that there’s no way he’s ever rejoining the team.

Despite being a basically irredeemable monster, Chace Crawford made The Deep a compelling presence and I’m interested to see just how low he can sink in season 2. My suspicions were that he’d be written out of the plot entirely, so it’s nice to see he’s still here, especially now that he’s a born-again loser inadvertently(?) reminding everyone of his crimes by saying his road to redemption is “long and hard.”

Personally, I’m counting down the days until September 4th when The Boys returns. The only annoyance is that they’re releasing the first three episodes at once, then one episode per week. I want it all at once so I can binge right through it.