WandaVision May Be The Only MCU Production Releasing In 2020


While we wait for further news on when we can expect to see Black Widow and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, both of which were originally supposed to have arrived by now, it’s been confirmed that we’ll be getting at least one piece of MCU media this year.

A new trailer revealing what’s to come on Disney Plus over the next few months has told us that Marvel’s WandaVision is definitely set for release in 2020. Disney Plus shared the promo on social media this afternoon. We didn’t get any fresh material from the TV series, but the news that it’s on its way will no doubt be enough to have fans excited.

Before COVID-19 struck, WV was set to drop in December, so by the looks of things, it seems to be on course to make that due date. It’s been reported before that production was able to wrap up just prior to quarantine taking effect, with post-production continuing remotely ever since. With Disney/Marvel keeping quiet about it, though, we guessed this was too good to be true. But apparently not.

With it likely premiering in December, that may mean we could get a full trailer for it in the not so distant future, perhaps October. As Black Widow is facing a potential second delay and Falcon is still filmingWV may gain a load of extra importance as the only thing that MCU fans have to look forward to seeing in 2020. Thankfully, we know it’s an important piece of the franchise’s puzzle, with connections to Doctor Strange 2, Captain Marvel 2 and more.

Stay tuned for further updates on WandaVisionstarring Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, ahead of its arrival later this year.