Watch: Jim Carrey Debuts As Joe Biden On Saturday Night Live


It might not have the same kind of level of influence that it once did, but Saturday Night Live remains a mainstay of the small screen, even if the series is finding critical acclaim harder and harder to come by these days. To add an extra boost in star power, though, SNL has roped in some big names to plaster themselves in makeup and inhabit well-known characters, with Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump the most famous recent example.

With election season in full swing and the recent presidential debate generating headlines around the world, the long-running comedy show has now introduced another A-lister masquerading as a political figure. Along with Maya Rudolph’s Kamala Harris, Jim Carrey will play a featured role as Joe Biden over the next few weeks, in what marks the 58 year-old’s first stab at sketch-based material since his run on In Living Color wrapped up over 25 years ago. And you can see him in action making his debut last night via the clip up above.

carrey biden

Of course, Carrey has hosted SNL four times in the past between 1996 and 2014, and during the very early days of his career, the Canadian funnyman unsuccessfully auditioned to be a cast member for the 1980-81 season. However, executive producer Lorne Michaels didn’t even get to see it in the flesh after one of his staff members rejected the young actor before he had a chance to pass his own judgement.

The presidential election always provides fertile ground for comedy, though, and Carrey’s turn as Joe Biden is just the first of many sketches that will take aim at the two candidates over the next month or so until the big day itself. Saturday Night Live is always going to be strange without an audience, to be sure, but at least they’ve got some big stars involved now.