Watch: ‘Lupin: Part 3’ trailer heralds the return of a Netflix sensation


A French crime thriller doesn’t sound like it would be the sort of series to capture the imagination of viewers around the globe, but Lupin has proven itself to be one of Netflix’s most popular original shows ever, so the expectations are sky-high for the upcoming third run.

The opening batch of episodes revolving around Omar Sy’s gentleman thief Assane Diop became the first French-language show to crack the Top 10 in the United States, and wound up as the streaming service’s second most-watched in-house episodic exclusive ever at the time of its release.

54 million households checked out the sophomore outing, too, so Lupin comes facing the weight of increased pressure. Based on what we’ve seen at today’s TUDUM event, though, the sleek and stylish caper is set to return to our screens with a bang. Still trying to evade the authorities at every turn, Assane is walking a tightrope that threatens to collapse if so much as a butterfly lands on it. Figuratively speaking, of course.

The first two volumes were released only five months apart, but we haven’t seen anything new from Lupin since June 2021, so we can only assume that absence has made the heart grow fonder – with the Parisian mystery having only become more popular as audiences discover for themselves what all the fuss was about.

A jewel in the Netflix crown, Sy admitted that he’d love nothing more than for Lupin to continue for the rest of his life. While that sounds almost unfeasibly ambitious on paper, don’t bet against it.