Watch: New ‘Andor’ clip finally reintroduces an iconic original trilogy character

Image via Disney Plus

Last week’s three-part Andor premiere did a terrific job of allowing Star Wars-loving audiences to immediately take a deep dive into the series, as the trio of episodes gave us a strong flavor of what to expect from the Rogue One prequel. That said, the show’s opening hours still held a lot back, including a major character from the lore whose role was heavily promoted in the marketing. But it looks like we can rest assured that they’ll appear in this Wednesday’s episode four.

How do we know that? Thanks to this first clip from the next Andor episode, which sees Stellan Skarsgard’s Luthen Rael having a clandestine meeting with — yes — Mon Mothma, as played by Genevieve O’Reilly. The intriguing clip makes clear that the nascent Rebellion is in dire danger of being discovered by the Empire, although Mothma has another ally that she thinks would be a useful new addition to the rebel cause. Who is she talking about? Looks like we’ll have to wait and find out.

This is the third time O’Reilly has portrayed Mon Mothma, having first appeared in a cameo in Revenge of the Sith, taking over the role from Return of the Jedi‘s Caroline Blakiston. She previously turned up in Rogue One, but Andor promises to be her meatiest appearance yet. The actress has already opened up about her joy at finally getting to really get to grips with the complexities of her character and how much she sacrificed for her cause.

As for who Mothma’s mysterious ally is, the smart money is on it being Bail Organa. We did just see Jimmy Smits in Obi-Wan Kenobi, but as far as we know he’s not due to turn up in this series, so this potential new leader of the Rebellion may turn out to be someone else. Find out when Andor continues this Wednesday on Disney Plus.