Watch: New Netflix clip provides behind-the-scenes look at ‘Cowboy Bebop’ ship


Have you ever wanted to live on a spaceship? A new behind-the-scenes clip from Netflix is giving us all a taste of what it is like to inhabit the spacefaring vessel from the streaming service’s live action anime adaptation, Cowboy Bebop.

The segment is hosted by Mustafa Shakir’s Jet Black, the captain of the galactically-reputable craft known as the Bebop, recreated in stunning detail with a four-room set for the show.

The clip certainly makes us want to perhaps crash on the iconic yellow couch of the ship and to be stirred awake from slumber following a graveyard shift of bounty hunting with the aroma of peppers and beef (a favorite dish of the crew’s) emanating from the kitchen. We’d certainly mow down on a mouthwatering meal like that, despite Jet’s admission in the clip that “beef doesn’t happen that often.”

There tons of references to the anime strewn about on the ship, such as Jet’s bonsai trees, and parts of the set itself are impressively built from a real salvaged fishing trawler, just like the fictional Bebop.

The set is awesomely spacious and appears to feature a fully enclosed ceiling portion in most portions, something that makes it stand out even more — especially when compared to the traditional ceiling-less sound stage approach, and filling in the upper portions with CGI where applicable.

While the show has received mixed reactions from fans and critics alike (and you can delve more into that in our own review), it’s comforting to know the show made the effort to be a worthy successor to the anime original, given how much loving detail went into the creation of the ship.

You can decide for yourself if Netflix pulled off the right tone for the series by checking out Cowboy Bebop there now.