Watch: Robert Downey Jr. Talks Bringing His New DC Comics Series To Life


Fans were shocked when the first trailer for Netflix’s upcoming fantasy series Sweet Tooth was released, if only because it’s a DC Comics adaptation being produced by Robert Downey Jr. Having played the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Tony Stark for over a decade, there was a lot of surprise in some circles that the star had pitched up to work for the competition, but it’s not as if he’s bound to the MCU for life.

The project’s been in development since November 2018 when it was initially set up at Hulu, and Downey Jr. has been involved from the start as an executive producer alongside his wife Susan through their Team Downey banner, so it’s hardly breaking news. Netflix acquired the rights in April of last year, and if the footage is anything to go by, it could be next in a long line of hit fantasy shows for the streaming service.

netflix sweet tooth

Sweet Tooth premieres in just over three weeks on June 4th, and a new featurette featuring Robert Downey Jr. seen above now gives us some insight into how the series came together. The premise focuses on a fantasy world where human-animal hybrids emerge as the result of an event known as The Great Crumble. 10 year-old Gus is part-deer, and during his travels he partners up with a mysterious wanderer before they embark on an adventure across America to search for answers.

It’s a solid concept, with the trailer promising plenty of lavish visuals and interesting worldbuilding for good measure. A glance at the Top 10 most-watched rankings on any given day makes it perfectly clear that Netflix subscribers are hugely keen on the fantasy genre, so Sweet Tooth stands an excellent chance of finding success on the platform.