Watch: Here’s Negan Trailer Teases The Walking Dead Villain’s Origins

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead fans are excited for all six new episodes of the post-apocalyptic drama that are on the way, but let’s be honest, there’s one that’s got everyone really hyped. The finale of this mini-season – intended as a kind of bridge to the show’s eleventh and final run – is titled “Here’s Negan,” promising that it’ll borrow from the comics spinoff series of the same name and finally reveal the former villain’s origin story.

Knowing how TWD lovers can’t wait to catch this special installment, AMC has released a new trailer that heavily teases what’s to come in episode 10×17. Though it also features clips from other outings as well, like those that focus on Maggie’s return and Eugene and his gang’s encounter with the Commonwealth, most of the fresh footage unveiled in this promo comes from the Negan prequel.

In contrast to the very different man we’ve got used to over the past couple of seasons, the trailer reintroduces us to classic Savior Negan, armed with his iconic leather jacket and beloved barbed wire bat. The footage likely comes from the first time that Negan suits up like this, as he completes his journey to villainy. Meanwhile, in the present, it’ll be interesting to see if Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character does anything to further himself along the path to redemption.

Remember, Morgan’s real-life wife Hilarie Burton Morgan is joining the cast as Lucille, Negan’s late wife who died at the onset of the zombie outbreak from cancer. The TV show will play with the comics’ timeline a bit, though, with Lucille lasting longer into the apocalypse than she did in the source material. Going by promo images, it certainly looks like the Negans take refuge in a woodland cabin while her health deteriorates.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Sunday, February 28th (or a week earlier on AMC+).