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Weird little creeps prove to be point of pride for ‘House of the Dragon’ fandom

"We have yet to meet her youngest boy."

Now, House of the Dragon has concluded its first season. It has been well-received, bringing memes and magic back to the Game of Thrones world, and has sparked a lot of discussion among fans. For some, a selling point for the series is yikes-inducing youths.

Conversation about Alicent Hightower’s kids on the prequel project has been ongoing in a new thread on Reddit. The initial poster shared an image of the three characters seen on the show. Some said it would be delightful if Daeron turned out to be the most well-adjusted one, and, for another, there is potential for more as an unseen, but canon character has yet to be introduced.

For another, Helena gives off characteristics of real-world conditions like autism, though it’s important to note that diagnosing characters who exist in a fantasy world is tricky business, especially when they have abilities like seeing the future. User Bad-news-co says there appear to be subtle allusions, but was not certain. He was ultimately given confirmation of his assessment by someone who replied to his comment.

From here, another points out a poetic aspect of the characters. Essentially, it is fitting for the family, with their diverse genetics in comparison to other family members, they are some of the least troubled members of it in several generations.

After this, someone else says the sassiness of one character is a treat. For them, Helena’s writing stands out and is better than the children of other characters included in the inbred and extensive family currently ruling Westeros on the fantasy television show.

House of the Dragon is available to stream on HBO Max, and it has not dialed back the initial production’s dirtiness and violence. Some say it bears a striking resemblance to Shrek in terms of some of its shots. Some scenes have shocked fans, while others have fiddled around with feet in ways that would move Tarantino to tears and action another fan says a character is normal for doing.

With the second season premiering in 2024, there’s plenty for fans to talk about in the meantime.

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