Moon Knight Will Reportedly Feature A Fan Favorite Marvel Monster

Moon Knight

Get ready to enter the dark side of the MCU. Marvel is gearing up to explore the mature, horror-flavored corner of the comics universe soon with projects such as Blade and Moon Knight. As such, we already know to expect vampires and men imbued with powers by an Egyptian God to be running around the MCU. But now, we’re hearing that werewolves will be joining the fray, too. Specifically, anti-hero Werewolf By Night AKA Jack Russell.

MCU Cosmic has reported that it’s looking likely that Moon Knight will feature Werewolf By Night in a supporting role. This isn’t the first time the character has been linked to Marvel’s upcoming plans, either, so this info seems pretty reliable. The outlet’s Jeremy Conrad speculates that his involvement in the Disney Plus series could point to a possible connection to Blade as well, which WGTC first told you was the case last month.

If you’ll recall, we already detailed Marvel’s plans to connect both heroes and other horror-themed characters in Midnight Sons team-up movie. What’s more, we’ve heard that Vampire By Night, the daughter of Russell, may appear in Mahershala Ali’s debut as the vampire hunter. Moon Knight himself could even show up in Blade for a cameo to set up the Midnight Sons. Of course, the studio has yet to comment on any of this, but MCU Cosmic is pretty reliable and their intel seems to confirm our earlier scoops about Moon Knight and Blade being heavily connected.

It’s also interesting to note that Moon Knight first made his comic book debut in the pages of Werewolf by Night, with Marc Spector originally portrayed as a villain before his popularity led to him becoming a hero and getting his own series. Maybe Marvel could flip the script for the MCU and have Russell serve as an antagonist in MK and then spinoff into other projects, possibly even his own D+ show, as a protagonist?

Time will tell how this all pans out, as both Moon Knight and Blade are still a while away – they’ll probably drop in 2022 – but it seems they’ll be worth the wait for horror-loving Marvel fans.