What time will ‘The Rings of Power’ premiere in your time zone?

Image via Amazon Studios

The debut of Amazon Prime’s new foray into Middle-earth is right around the corner.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is set to debut on Sept. 2, and fans of J.R.R. Tolkien’s spectacular world can hardly contain their excitement. The internet is absolutely flooded with conversations about the upcoming show as fans find themselves in one of two camps: those that are approaching the series with hope and faith, and those that have already written it off as a failed attempt to adapt more of Tolkien’s writings.

Fans willing to give the show a try have been counting down the days to the series premiere. As the official release looms, we’re taking a look at when the series debuts in each time zone. Here’s when you can enjoy the very beginning of the Rings of Power saga in each time zone.

When does Rings of Power premiere in different time zones?

Depending on where in the world you live, you’ll get access to the first episodes of Rings of Power at different times. The series is slated to release on a weekly basis starting on Sept. 2, with the first season’s episodes hitting Amazon Prime through Oct. 14. The first two episodes are actually expected to arrive a bit earlier than initially expected, with episodes one and two dropping on the same day, Thursday, Sept. 1 at 9pm ET. Later episodes will air on Fridays, starting with episode three on Friday, Sept. 9 and concluding on Friday, Oct. 14.

Episodes will air at the same time weekly, but not all episodes are expected to sport the same runtime. They are generally teased at around 50 minutes each, but some episodes are expected to run a bit longer. Regardless of their lengths, each episode of Rings of Power season one ⏤ except for the premiere ⏤ will begin at 12 ET, which translates to different times depending on where you live.

The two episode premiere will begin at 9pm ET, several hours earlier than subsequent episodes. This should give viewers in different time zones access at 6pm PT, 8pm CT, and 10pm BRT for viewers in Brazil. Australian viewers can enjoy fresh episodes at 11am AEST, fans in large swathes of Europe can watch at 3am CEST, and the show airs at 6:30am IST in India, 10am JST in Japan, 5am MEST in the Middle East, 1pm NZST in New Zealand, and 2am BST in the UK, according to Tech Radar.