When will ‘Riverdale’ season 6 arrive on Netflix?


The CW’s weird, high-concept take on the Archie comics of our youths is still going strong. A small handful of years after the dark reimagining first debuted, Riverdale has collected a passionate fan following, many of whom have followed the series since it first started airing.

These fans are now eagerly awaiting news of the show’s sixth season, which began development in late August of 2021. The season is set to release on different schedules around the world, which means that not everyone will have the chance to enjoy Archie, Jughead, Veronica, and Betty’s adventures at the same time.

Season 6 of the popular series is stirring up extra excitement, following news that Sabrina Spellman — popularized through her own Netflix series — is expected to rejoin the cast of Riverdale. The arrival of Kiernan Shipka’s Sabrina has fans particularly interested in the show’s upcoming season.

When does Riverdale season 6 arrive on Netflix?

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Season six is headed to European viewers several months before its expected arrival on American televisions. Viewers outside the U.S. already have access to the first nine episodes of the season, according to What’s on Netflix, but American viewers still have awhile to wait before they’ll get their fix of Riverdale action.

Fans outside the U.S. got the first five episodes between November and December of 2021, and have seen weekly releases of subsequent episodes since mid-March. The latest episode to arrive on non-U.S. Netflix accounts dropped on April 11. The next expected episode — episode 10 — will drop on Monday, April 18, one day after it airs on the CW.

This schedule doesn’t include every area outside the U.S., as noted by What’s on Netflix. Viewers in Latin America will likely have an even longer wait than their American counterparts, with new episodes expected after a long delay. Many Latin American viewers had yet to feast their eyes on season 5 as of mid-February 2022, however, and thus may be less anxious to get their hands on season 6.

In the U.S., viewers have a few months wait ahead of them. The latest drama facing the Riverdale crew will arrive with season 6, which isn’t expected to start dropping fresh episodes to Netflix until the middle of 2022. Specific dates are yet to be announced, but given season 5’s release schedule, we likely still have several months to wait.

Viewers can catch fresh episodes as they air live on the CW, or they can bide their time until the new season officially arrives on Netflix.

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