Where To Watch Nekopara

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Catgirls, maids, and fan-service give the Nekopara franchise its identity. Like the games, Nekopara’s anime follows a cast of catgirls who work as maids at a cafe.

The series originally began with several visual novels by doujinshi circle NEKO WORKs. The anime is based on the first video game, 2014’s Nekopara Vol. 1, and will quickly give you an idea of whether or not the series is for you: The original Nekopara games are best known as “eroge,” a genre of erotic video games. Even their “censored” versions are strongly suggestive.

While the anime refrains from explicit depictions of its characters, their revealing outfits and subservient personalities remain the same. The power fantasy inherent to the master-maid setup is just unavoidable. So, where can you start watching Nekopara? Read on for more info.

Where to watch Nekopara

Originally released as a series of visual novels, you can skip the reading and watch an anime adaptation of the first game on Funimation.

The 12-episode season released from Jan. 9, 2020 through March 26, 2020. The show was animated by studio Felix Film and directed by Yasutaka Yamamoto, who had previously worked on titles including Girls Und Panzer, Kirby: Right Back At Ya, and Pokémon: The First Movie. Felix Film is a Tokyo-based studio founded in 2014, and also made two Nekopara OVAs for Sekai Project in 2016 and 2018.

Nekopara was recently released on Blu-ray by Funimation in May 2021