Which Love Is Blind Couples Are Still Together In 2021?

With Love Is Blind: After the Altar premiering in July, fans of the hit Netflix reality series got their first real update on the participants in the show’s experiment since the Love is Blind Reunion Special in March of last year.

After the original run of episodes, only two of the couples, Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton as well as Amber Pike and Matt Barnett actually ended up following through on their marriages and saying their vows. During the Love is Blind Reunion, Damien Powers and Giannina Gibelli revealed they were still dating even after Damien left Giannina at the altar at their would-be wedding.

So, which couples of the #PodSquad are still together more than two years later? We’ve got the latest news on where things stand after the latest batch of episodes.

Cameron And Lauren Hamilton

The Hamiltons remain happily married and the After the Altar episodes focus on their joint two-year anniversary party they host with the Barnetts’ to celebrate their marriage with their fellow #PodSquad members. The couple even sport clothes bearing cartoon versions of themselves and discuss their thoughts about potentially having children in the near future.

The pair still show up regularly in each other’s Instagram posts and even co-authored a book they released in  June called Leap of Faith: Finding Love the Modern Way.

Damien Powers And Giannina Gibelli

At the start of After the Altar, Powers and Gibelli are still dating, but it’s clear the pair are navigating some rocky waters. Photos of Powers holding hands with Too Hot to Handle star Francesca Farago emerged in August of last year evidently causing friction between Powers and Gibelli despite Powers claiming he and Farago were only friends. After the Altar reveals that Powers and Farago remained friends, he invites her to the anniversary party which leads to further conflict with Gibelli.

Soon after the premiere of After the Altar, Gibelli said she’s been single for months now in an interview with Insider, where she explained the couple had tried and failed to reconcile their differences after the spat at the anniversary party.

Amber And Matt Barnett

The Barnetts’ marriage has now survived more than two years, and the couple appears to be going strong. The couple explained during After the Altar how they have worked to alleviate Pike’s pre-marriage financial struggles with Barnett selling his house and the pair moving into Pike’s apartment to help her pay off her student loans. In the time since the reunion special, Pike also learned that she suffers from epilepsy and the couple is concerned about whether that will create challenges when they decide to have children.

During the anniversary party, Barnett surprised his wife with a video montage of him giving her kisses goodbye every morning before work. Just last week, Pike posted a photo of the couple happily together on a hike.