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Who is the monster in ‘Wednesday’ on Netflix? Answered and explained

Who was committing the grisly killings, and was there more to the Hyde than the monster itself?

The Identiy of the Hyde in 'Wednesday'
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Warning: The following article contains massive spoilers for the first season of Wednesday.

Wednesday is now out on Netflix, and if you’ve already managed to speed-binge your way through the whole first season, well – for starters, good for you. 

Now, there’s a lot that went down in the last couple of episodes, and there were a lot of threads to unravel in the fantastic and magical whodunnit series. Specifically, accusations and false revelations are made left and right about the identity of the Hyde monster. 

Don’t fret, we’re here to clear everything up for you, and unpack exactly what went down in that thrilling conclusion, and peel the proverbial Scooby Doo villain’s mask off once and for all. We warned you of inbound spoilers once, but consider this your second and final warning, refrain from reading on if you’re yet to finish the show!

The identity of the Hyde monster

Jenna Ortega in 'Wednesday'
Image via Netflix

To keep the answer short and concise, the Hyde turned out to be Wednesday’s love interest, Tyler. Although for a time, Wednesday suspected Xavier to be the murderous monster after connecting a few dots in regards to the Gates family and their resentment towards outcasts.

Wednesday unveiled Tyler’s identity after seeing a vision confirming him as the monster after the pair shared a kiss. Wednesday would go on to confront and even torture Tyler in a bid to get him to confess his identity and crimes, but police intervention allowed him to get away.

Wednesday later comes to realize that Marilyn Thornhill was actually Laurel Gates, and was puppeteering Tyler using a plant chemical. Laurel resurrects Joseph Crackstone who then kills Wednesday, but she is quickly resurrected by the spirit of Goody Adams. Wednesday then goes on to defeat Crackstone and as such, manages to prevent Tyler from committing any more gruesome acts as the Hyde. 

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