Will Wednesday Addams and Enid Sinclair date in season 2?

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Tons of viewers who have been enjoying Wednesday on Netflix are already shipping a couple who would work incredibly well together.

Jenna Ortega plays the titular role of Wednesday, a dark and gloomy teenage girl who lives life with an air of pessimism and negativity guiding her way. Her roommate in the show is Enid Sinclair, played by Emma Myers. Enid is the polar opposite; bright colors, rainbows, pink sweaters, and good vibes are more familiar to her. Even the difference in their hair color says a lot. Wednesday rocks jet-black hair parted down the middle, braided in two pigtails over both of her shoulders. Enid styles her blonde bob cut in smooth waves that include pink and purple highlights.

Despite their obvious differences, is it possible Wednesday and Enid might start dating in season two?

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It’s highly unlikely that Wednesday and Enid will ever get the chance to date each. Wednesday is already sort of romantically involved with two different guys attending Nevermore Academy after Tyler Galpin and Xavier Thorpe both caught her attention. Even so, fans of the show have been shipping a romantic union between Wednesday and Enid.

In fact, the hashtag #Wenclair has been trending mightily on TikTok. If it’s true that opposites attract, Wednesday and Edin would make a great pair. If the producers of the show are willing to take insight from fans into account, it’s possible that the two might have a chance as a couple in a future season. For now, Wednesday is still sorting things out between Tyler and Xavier.

Jenna Ortega and Emma Myers have spoken up about #Wenclair

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Jenna is fully aware that fans of the show would love to see her character hit it off with Enid at some point. The popular hashtag has been posted and reposted plenty of times. While speaking with an interviewer from Pride at a red carpet event, she revealed, “In a perfect world, [#Wenclair] would have been a thing.”

Emma spoke with Elite Daily about Wednesday’s friendship with Enid, explaining that they indeed share a strong connection. Both actresses don’t seem opposed to the idea of their characters hitting it off. Since the first season of Wednesday has been such a success, hopefully season two will bring just as much intrigue to the table.