The Witcher Season 2 Set Photos Reveal Coronavirus Precautionary Measures

The Witcher

2020 has been a rough year for everyone, and it really doesn’t seem interested in getting much better. The COVID-19 coronavirus has put millions out of jobs, closed an immense amount of businesses indefinitely, and resulted in extreme changes to how everyone socializes. This is especially true in the pandemic’s epicenter of the United States where case numbers have reached nearly 5 million and deaths are sitting at 160,000. New infections continue to skyrocket in many states as well, as the debate wages on between whether the economy or public safety should take precedence.

Of course, as debilitating as the novel virus has been on individuals, it’s also taken a massive toll on various aspects of the entertainment industry. The overwhelming majority of American theaters remain closed, and production on many films and television series has continued to be delayed indefinitely. But as the world attempts to stabilize and resume some sense of normalcy, some of these productions are restarting with a hefty focus on cast and crew safety.

One such production is that of The Witcher‘s second season, which originally halted shooting when a cast member became infected with COVID-19, and some recent photos from the set showcase just how serious the crew is taking precautionary measures now that things are starting back up.

Showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich shared the above photos on her Twitter page, and it’s easy to see why she claims her son didn’t recognize her in a FaceTime call. Masks and face shields seem to be new apparel while on set, and it appears that Hissrich is taking even further steps by having discussions with director Stephen Surjik through plastic barriers.

It’s good to see that steps are being taken to protect those working on The Witcher‘s sophomore season, and hopefully we’ll know more about when the show will return as production gets further underway.