You Can Now Pre-Order A Life-Sized Bust Of All Might

Is there a single better way to show that you’re the most hard-core dedicated My Hero Academia fan than by having a life-sized All Might in your home? Seriously, something that incredible would even make Deku jealous! Well, now it’s possible for fans of the anime to pre-order an incredibly unique piece of MHA memorabilia.

Just keep in mind these are absolutely huge and are made to order for each person who buys one. F:NEX, the company making the bust, also wants there to be only one sold to each person. Of course, with a price of ¥ 1,100,000 which is about a whopping $9,650.90, it’s not likely too many people will even have the funds to buy two.

Still, no one can be blamed for wanting to get their hands on the jaw-dropping figure which can be seen below.

Anyone who has the funds can pre-order the massive bust from F:NEX here. Just keep in mind, the website states that “if the order quantity is less than a certain quantity, the sale may be canceled” so if there aren’t enough fans behind the project, it may never become real.

Would you want a life-sized All Might in your home? Is there an even more incredible piece of My Hero Academia merch out there? Let us know in the comments!