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Here’s how to pull off TikTok’s viral ‘how a memory sounds’ trend

TikTok's latest trend evokes the feeling of long lost memories — here's how you can make your own 'how a memory sounds' TikTok.

TikTok - how a memory sounds
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TikTok’s latest trend is encouraging reminiscence, as users create videos with an effect aimed at mimicking the feel of a memory.

Videos taking part in the viral ‘how a memory sounds’ trend are using the app’s new echo effect to create uploads steeped in nostalgia. The effect is so reminiscent of a memory — accomplished by pairing the echo effect with pensive instrumental tones — that it prompted heaps of TikTok users to participate. Videos taking part in the ‘how a memory sounds’ trend are quite easy to accomplish with just a few simple steps.

How to pull off the ‘how a memory sounds’ trend

Taking part in the ‘how a memory sounds’ trend is straightforward. TikTok users simply need to track the new audio effect down in the app, and download it onto their phones, according to Dexerto. Track the “echo” effect down under “voice effects” and select it. You’ll then want to select your instrumental music from an array of TikTok options — or you can go with user Dorian Marko’s stunning piano, the most popular song attached to the trend.

Once you’ve selected your music and located the effect, you simply need to pick out the best video to go along with the trend. Many people are perusing through old favorites to pick the perfect video to accompany the whimsical audio. Many of the resulting videos are lighthearted and sweet, perfectly combining joyful memories with the effect to create heartwarming uploads.

Other users are leaning into the bittersweet vibes attached to many memories. They are selecting videos from the “good old days,” and using the effect to look back on days past with a sense of heartfelt longing. The results are reminiscent of lost childhood memories.

The music attached to many of the participating videos feels inherently sad, which bleeds a sentimental note into the majority of the resulting uploads. These feel like the moments in a film that directly precede a beloved character’s death or memory of anguish.


This was one of our first memories ✨

♬ Cornfield Chase – Dorian Marko

There are also a few videos that might feel at home in the early minutes of a sad film. Something about the combined echo effect and music, when paired with the right video clip, instills a sense of aching loss.


Most of the videos are far from sad, however, preferring instead to illicit a sense of joy and lost simplicity, perfectly suited to the ‘how a memory feels’ trend.


You can add your own forgotten remembrances to the TikTok trend, and all it takes is a simple effect, paired with the right music, and one of your favorite memories.

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