Here’s how to pull off TikTok’s viral ‘side profile outline’ trend

TikTok Side Profile Outline trend

TikTok’s features allow for some very fun videos to be created on the platform, turning regular photos into 3D masterpieces, presenting creators as their anime alter-egos, or simply adding a dazzling burst of color to TikTok creations. A recent filter that’s been collecting entries sees users matching their features up to an outline of their side profile. It sounds simple enough, but there are actually a few steps to creating the perfect video for the side profile outline trend.

The trend requires participants to create a side profile of their face in a third party app before incorporating it into their TikToks. They then add the profile outline into a video, often set to Melanie Martinez’s “Play Date,” and attempt to match their face up with the resulting white-lined image. It makes for a fun and creative video, and provides some very cool glimpses of different kinds of facial profiles.

Making this trend work isn’t quite as simple as other TikTok crazes, so we’ve made a simple walkthrough to help you accomplish the perfect side profile outline video.

How to make a side profile outline TikTok

The best method of accomplishing a worthy side profile outline TikTok starts with a third-party app. If you don’t already have PicsArt or a similar photo editing app on your phone, browse through your app store to find something suitable. Once it’s downloaded you can begin the process, as outlined by Dexerto, of creating your own side profile video.

After you’ve selected and downloaded your chosen editing app, head back over to TikTok and create a new video. Select the angle you’d like your profile to appear at, and film a video of you turning to that angle. Then take a screenshot of your final pose, preferably one in which you are turned fully to one side.


wait i hate my side profile but this is actually really cool #sideprofile #outline #fyp #foryoupage #4upage #foryou

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Now you can head back over to the app you selected for editing purposes, and transfer the screenshot in. Then its as simple as selecting the “draw” tool, adjusting the size and color to suit your preference, and creating a new layer over the original image. In this new layer, you’ll be able to outline the profile of your face in the screenshot. Once you’ve done so to your liking, you can ditch the layer with the original screenshot, click “apply,” and save the image to your camera roll.

Once you’ve finished saving your new outline to your camera roll, the process is quite quick. You’ll just need to relaunch the TikTok app, access your pre-recorded profile video, and open the stickers menu. An option to add outside images should be near the top, appearing as a picture icon with a plus sign next to it. Clicking on this should give you access to your camera roll, where you can select the profile outline.

Once you’ve added the profile outline to your TikTok as a sticker, you can line it up to perfectly match your profile when you turn to the side. Then it’s as simple as selecting the perfect musical accompaniment and uploading the video to your profile.