How Much Does Kurtis Connor make?

Kurtis Conner
Kurtis Conner/YouTube

One of the persisting gems from those long-lost Vine days, Kurtis Conner is still going strong on YouTube. Like many Viners, he migrated to YouTube when the popular 7-second video-sharing app was killed off by Twitter (RIP). The Canadian content creator has been on YouTube since 2014, and in that time has built up a solid following more than 3 million subscribers strong. 

Conner has since skyrocketed to become one of YouTube’s most popular commentary creators. Instead of relying on prank videos or viral challenges, Conner racks up followers thanks to his videos providing commentary on pop culture. His videos cover everything from Instagram comedians to TikTok news and character analysis of popular shows. He’s even uploaded clips of his standup act, which is honestly pretty good.

He plans to expand on this formula, adding an even more diverse range of content to his YouTube page in the future. On top of his commentary videos, reaction clips, and standup, Conner told Insider in Feb. 2020 that he planned to branch out into new content that sees him getting out and about in the world. Given the way 2020 went post-February, he probably hasn’t had much of a chance to dive into this expanded approach to his content creation. One of these days, however, Conner says he wants to “try doing different types of content instead of just me sitting in my room and talking to a camera.”

“I would love to write like my own series or my own movie, but that’s another thing that will happen once I move away from YouTube a little bit,” he said. “I just want to keep making stuff that makes people laugh. That’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. So as long as I’m doing that, then I’ll be happy.”

So How Much Does Kurtis Conner Make?

All that work has paid off for Conner. Even if he never manages to secure that Netflix special he’s dreaming of, the 27-year-old has already made a career for himself on YouTube. Based on calculations done by Net Worth Spot, Conner earns an estimated $648,000 every year. This income is earned primarily through ad revenue, which pulls in between $3 and $7 per 1,000 views. And with Conner’s high view count — his page has seen a whopping 380,924,351 views so far — he is raking in the cash. 

This doesn’t take into account Conner’s income from touring, however, or the income he earns through his online shop. His official store offers up apparel ranging from baseball caps to sweatshirts and tees, with a reasonable — but still lucrative — price tag. This, combined with his upcoming tour, should see his yearly total rise significantly — for 2021 at least.