How to do the ‘moving green screen’ trend on TikTok

A fun and creative TikTok trend is turning heads.

While the name of the “moving green screen” trend is far from imaginative, the content offered up in this viral trend certainly is. Users are populating hashtags related to the trend with hundreds of diverse and clever videos, all utilizing one of TikTok’s popular effects.

What is the moving green screen” trend?

Videos uploaded into the moving green screen trend take on a lot of forms. The majority of videos using the filter lean into a “happy/sad” trend, which sees users record two different versions of the same video. In one, usually the primary video, they sing a song or simply gaze at the camera with a chipper look on their face. The green screen effect appears as a small box, through which viewers can see the alternate version of the video as it moves around the screen. The “sad” half of the video appears sporadically over the “happy” half, showcasing the stark differences on the creator’s face.

Other videos see creators appearing in two separate outfits, usually featuring starkly different amounts of skin. The primary video usually sees them pose in bulky, full-coverage clothing, while the green screen effect flits over them to reveal their body underneath, usually dressed in something scanty. 


I should be studying for a final 🙃 also tiktok pls don’t take this down I am an adult #gay #fyp #movinggreenscreen #lgbt

♬ yeah hot people use this sound – cxaluv

Reply to @jeremy_lundguy jk jk of course! 😂🥰 #thesedays #routine #foryou

♬ original sound – Rizz

Other users are using the filter in more creative ways, overlapping art projects and real life footage or leaning on the filter to show off captivating makeup transformations. 


I couldn’t resist trying this filter on my drawing of @brooklyn.stafford #movinggreenscreen #artistsoftiktok

♬ original sound – Brooklyn.Stafford

The filter seems to be used as a thirst trap about half the time. The rest of the uploads using the filter are split between those enjoying it for its creative, fun possibilities and those leaning on it for dramatic effect. 

How to pull off the moving green screen filter

Users looking to try their hands at TikTok’s moving green screen filter trend are in luck. Depending on the kind of video you’re going for, adding a new entry into the trend will be easy.

You’ll want to start off by figuring out what kind of video you want. Many viewers choose to lip-sync to popular TikTok tracks or simply change their face between several dramatic poses. Regardless, you’ll want to start off the process by recording whichever portion you’d like to appear in the green screen boxes.

It’s important to note that this trend is at its best when both videos are filmed in the same general position and pose, so do your best to consider your space and pose ahead of time in the hopes of getting a seamless result.

Once you’ve got a good video for the green screen effect, you’ll want to trim it down to the proper length and add the black and white filter. This will add a clearer distinction between your green screen video and your other video.

From there, you’re finally be ready to head into the TikTok app. Head over to the “Discover” tab, search “moving green screen,” and hit that record button next to the filter. It’ll ask you to insert a video of your choice, at which point you’ll select your pre-recorded video. Then make sure you’re in the right position, and record the second part of your creation. 

The little green screen box will dart around the screen of its own accord, according to Dexerto, layering your first video over your second. 

Try changing outfits, shifting your makeup look, or altering your background between videos for added effect. Even the simplest of uploads using the green screen effect come out looking excellent, so you’re likely to love the results no matter what.