How to get the ‘Shrek in the Sky’ filter on TikTok

Shrek in the sky
Image via TikTOk

One of TikTok‘s latest filters is absolutely blowing up online, thanks to its weird ability to perfectly encompass Gen Z humor.

The Shrek in the Sky filter is strange, hilarious, and utterly mystifying. It wastes absolutely no energy attempting to be anything other than its weirdest self, which is precisely why it’s taking off on the app.

If you’re hoping to add a hulking — but surprisingly slim — Shrek into your next TikTok creation dancing to Lady Gaga’s “Love Game,” here’s what you’ll need to do.

How to use the ‘Shrek in the Sky’ filter

Good news, Shrek fans. The Shrek in the Sky filter is no different from any of TikTok’s other filter offerings, which means it is exceedingly easy to incorporate into your own TikToks. The filter is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, but with a skin-tight twist. Using the filter will add a latex-clad, twerking Shrek into any TikTok creation you’re brave enough to share with the internet.

Ogre Boys — yes, that’s the official name for Shrek fans, there was a poll and everything — looking to add some sultry Shrek action into their next upload need to start by simply opening up the app, signing in, and typing “Shrek in the sky” into their search bars.

This should yield a number of hysterical offerings. Feel free to browse to your heart’s content, and to get a good feel for how the Shrek in the Sky filter is best utilized. There are a lot of options.

You can go the easy route and simply allow the filter to bleed some green-skinned sex appeal into your local skyline.

Or you can work some more creativity into your approach. Some creators are even joining the towering Shrek for a quick dance sesh.

Created by popular TikTok filter connoisseur Maxim Kuzlin, according to Dexerto, the filter has already been used in millions of videos. In total, the hashtag for the filter — #shrekinthesky — has more than 25 million views. It’s being incorporated into videos from users all over the globe.

The filter is even inspiring videos of a different sort, all inspired by the internet’s new favorite effect.

Once you’ve determined how you’d like to approach your Shrek in the Sky upload, you’ll want to open a video and click on the filter. This should give you a prompt, inviting you to “try this effect.” Once you’ve clicked on this option, the TikTok app should automatically add the effect to your next video. You can then record your perfect Shrek in the Sky video and upload it to the app.

The effect is immensely popular at the moment, so you’ll want to jump on it while interest is high.