Is there a way to get the 2022 profile badge on TikTok?

TikTok Time

TikTok is an app that’s all about creation and expressing yourself, so it would make sense that you might want to jazz up your profile by adding a unique badge. There have been several badge variations on TikTok, but the 2021 commemorative badge from last year has been one of the more common ones.

Fortunately, unlike a verification badge, any user can get their hands on these profile badges. That said, there may be a waiting period involved with some of them.

What about the 2022 profile badge?

At the time of this writing, there is no way to get the 2022 TikTok profile badge. You’ll likely be able to get the 2022 badge later this year or early next year in the same way that users can get the 2021 badge right now. This is done by answering a question related to your year.

We’ll explain how you can unlock the 2021 badge for your TikTok, as it’s likely that the 2022 badge will be distributed in a similar method. Just follow these steps:

  • Open up TikTok to the page where you’re able to record your unique clip.
  • You’ll see a menu option on the right-hand side that says “Reply.” Press this.
  • This will bring up a menu with suggestions of questions to answer with the theme of 2021.
  • Select one of these and film your response to the question.
  • Once you post the response, you simply need to close TikTok and once you reopen the app and visit your profile, you should have the 2021 badge.

The 2022 badge could also be distributed the same way the 2021 badge initially was at the end of 2020. This saw users check out and share their year on TikTok to unlock the badge.

This method can be completed as follows:

  • Find another user that has the badge. Head to their profile and press the badge. Now select “Get your badge.”
  • If you follow through and check out your year on TikTok, it will prompt you to share the highlights with your followers.
  • Do this and you’ll gain access to the new badge.

Until the 2022 badge rolls out, TikTok users will just have to hang tight. In the meantime, why not decorate your profile with the 2021 badge by following the above method? It may prime you for the big 2022 badge reveal.

This article will be updated when a method to gain the 2022 badge is revealed.