Here are the origins of the ‘Miso Soup’ TikTok sound

If you’ve found yourself thumbing through the For You Page of TikTok, it’s impossible that you haven’t seen a video where someone is talking about how they “really want some miso soup.” While the sound was originally posted all the way back in October, it’s gotten a ton of popularity on the platform since then.

The sound features a girl that can be heard saying, “I really want some miso soup.” After a magical sound effect, she remarks, “oh my god, miso soup!” The sound has gone on to inspire other videos where users replace the miso soup with whatever other object they desire.

But many have been asking where the sound came from and trying to track down its origins.

Where did the miso soup sound come from?

The original video featuring the sound was posted by user gnocchi500 and featured her own voice, despite many comments on the video asking if it was really her speaking at all. For anyone hoping the sound came from some forgotten children’s show or whatever else, we’re sorry to burst your bubble. It’s easy to match up her voice if you watch her other videos.

Their second TikTok trend?

Many don’t even realize that this isn’t the first time that gnocchi500 has started a TikTok trend. This is because as a musician, she uses the name beabadoobee. One of her songs, “Death Bed (Coffee for Your Head)” spawned its own trend back in 2020. It’s no surprise that she’s quite popular as so many people enjoy her voice. You can even find all of her songs on Spotify.