Woman Ranting About A Beloved Disney Character Goes Viral

A beloved Winnie the Pooh character trended across social media today but for reasons no Disney employee could have seen coming. The video was originally posted to Tik Tok features a woman complaining about a flag on another woman’s porch featuring Tigger holding a pink daisy on a blue background.

The neighbor complained that the Tigger flag was “tacky” compared to the “real nice” American flag also hanging on the property. She also claimed the flag was more offensive than the imperfectly kept lawn and shrubbery on the property. “…we have rules,” she said, “I don’t want to have to go find out what they are, but I don’t like that.”

While many have simply been laughing at the video, others have used the opportunity to start a discussion on the predatory nature of homeowners associations as well as how they can be weaponized against people of color particularly in the name of enforcing rules.

As Oscar & Emmy winner Travon Free put it on Twitter, “Some white people continue to have a strange entitled obsession with rule enforcement and policing other free people, that can be directly traced to their relationship with the police and America’s historical legacy of white supremacy. It’s a Tigger flag.”

@tizzybizzy92 on Tik Tok, who goes by Ambrosia on the platform, posted an update video discussing how the woman drove by her house yelling about how she was sorry for the incident, but nothing else has seemed to come from the altercation at this time.