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10 YouTube channels every Marvel fan needs to follow

For all the latest and most compelling Marvel content.

Thor - Love and Thunder
Image via Marvel Studios

The Marvel Cinematic Universe, fondly called the MCU, is a vast collection of superhero movies and series created by Marvel Studios. These stories follow a singular narrative of Marvel characters and are based on the famous characters from the evergreen comic book franchise. Beginning with the origin stories of beloved heroes — Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and more — and blossoming into the action-packed, billion-dollars-grossing Avengers installments, the MCU has rightfully earned its spot as the highest grossing film franchise of all time. Packed with interwoven storylines that have kept viewers hooked for more than a decade, and with consistent character development, both old and new fans remain intrigued by the universe and its story-building.

With more movies like Thor: Love and Thunder, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and Ms. Marvel coming out later this year, and making up Phase Four of the MCU, fans will need their fix of breakdowns, reviews, Easter eggs, and connections scattered across the Marvel universe. To completely revel in the new movies and shows on the way, and enjoy the recaps of the previous offerings, it’s important to find the right sources on YouTube. With some of the most dedicated Marvel fans putting in the hours to guide the rest of us, these are the 10 YouTube channels to feed any Marvel enthusiast. 

Marvel Entertainment

What better way to enjoy unlimited MCU goodness on YouTube than the official Marvel Entertainment page? With over 19 million subscribers and counting, this is undoubtedly one of the first steps for any fan. Packed with all the trailers, behind the scenes, and movie clips, Marvel Entertainment is the most popular YouTube channel for works based on the comic books. The channel takes another awesome step by offering celebrity interviews, red carpet moments, music from the films and series, and exclusive Marvel content from Marvel Studios.

Mr. Sunday Movies

With a dedicated following of over one million subscribers, Mr. Sunday Movies should be one of the go-to YouTube channels for any Marvel fan, old and new. The bulk of his over 1,100 videos posted caters to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His videos are often easy to follow, and are perfect for new or confused fans. He offers supercuts, trailer, film and series reviews, storyline breakdowns, and discoveries of Easter eggs across the dynamic universe. 

The Cosmic Wonder

With 923,000 followers and counting, The Cosmic Wonder is another fan favorite for undiluted MCU goodness. Always up to date with his reaction videos to Marvel content, subscribing to this channel means access to videos that cover even the tiniest yet unforgettable moments from the MCU. But what makes The Cosmic Wonder channel truly remarkable is that the host, Warren, is a true fanboy. He truly loves the Marvel universe and never holds back in his excitement. 

New Rockstars

With a whopping 3.73 million subscribers, and millions of views accumulated, New Rockstars is one of the most popular YouTube channels for diehard Marvel fans. The channel is easy for new fans to navigate, as character stories are arranged into playlists. So if you’re on the search for just Dr. Strange or She-Hulk content, it’s been expertly curated into a playlist of videos. New Rockstars also asks and tries to answer many of the questions that fans may have before, during, and after a new movie or series is available to watch. Another major standout about the channel is that it provides live streams where discussions surrounding Marvel content are held. Like most other channels, it covers breakdowns, conspiracies, reactions, and more. 

Beyond The Trailer

Although not specifically created for Marvel movies and television shows, this channel offers viewers the latest updates and information about Marvel’s latest releases. It also gives an insight into what fans can expect beyond the trailer, as well as movie reviews and reactions. Beyond The Trailer is a straightforward channel that many Marvel newbies will appreciate.


It’s been 10 months since the last video from this channel was uploaded, so don’t expect any Phase Four content. Most of the original members have moved on to Murphy’s Multiverse to continue on their comic book journey. However, MCUExchange still offers many timeless videos that fans can always get into. The channel also uploads video versions of their famous podcast, The MCUExchange Podcast. There’s no word on if the channel will be revived, but it’s always a fun rabbit hole to enjoy their old MCU content. 

Heavy Spoilers

As the name of the channel suggests, don’t expect spoiler-free videos here. Heavy Spoilers dives headfirst into speculations and insider information about their content, Marvel-related or otherwise. It offers breakdowns, recaps, reviews, reactions, and more content from the growing universe. 


This quirkily animated channel is the ultimate Marvel beginner pack for new fans. It offers timeline videos that are succinctly explained, in a type of classroom presentation setting. CivilizationEx helps fans to understand the whole picture of the MCU from its origin to where it currently is. While not an exclusive MCU channel, there are more than 25 Marvel videos split into different parts, with some videos even going as far as the prehistoric era of the MCU timeline, making it the perfect Marvel history lesson.

Emergency Awesome

Emergency Awesome is a channel that supplies fans with promo videos, trailers, Easter eggs, and even deleted scenes from the MCU. The channel has over four million subscribers who receive daily videos about exciting movies and series around the world. 


This channel is dedicated to bringing fans news, trailers, and reviews on their favorite comic book characters and live adaptations. The channel has a large catalog, with over 15,000 videos for comic book fans to choose from. The channel offers major spoilers, breaking news, breakdowns, first looks and more from the latest films and television shows. Without a doubt, ComicBookCast2 is a one-stop channel for staying up to date about everything surrounding the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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