WWE All Stars Will Suplex The 3DS This November


WWE All Stars Will Suplex The 3DS This November

If you’re a 3DS owner who has been hoping for a new handheld wrestling game, you happen to be in luck today. THQ has just announced that a version of WWE All Stars will be making its way to the three-dimensional device. It’s set for release this fall.

The new game will enter the ring with “a power-packed roster of colourful WWE Legends and prominent current-day WWE Superstars,” which will include thirteen superstars who were only available as downloadable content in the PS3/360 versions of the game. It will contain the “gameplay experience and over-the-top energy” of the console version and will “translate well to a handheld format,” says THQ core EVP, Danny Bilson.

Get ready to don some tights and enter the ring on November 22nd, wrestling fans.

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