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All ‘Fairy Tail’ filler episodes in order

You may want to avoid these episodes.

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Now that Fairy Tail is over, there’s no better time to experience the anime’s story. The best way to do this is to remove the addition of anime-only filler so that you only experience the story that was intended by the manga source material.

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Filler is a part of most anime series especially when they have run for as long as Fairy Tail did. With hundreds of episodes to watch, any unnecessary stories you can avoid will make things much more manageable for new viewers.

To help educate your next rewatch, here is a list of all the filler episodes in Fairy Tail so that you can choose whether or not to include them.

Fairy Tail filler guide

There are a ton of filler episodes in Fairy Tail, however, most of these are broken down into arcs making avoiding them a simple process. The remainder are standalone episodes so by using our guide you can choose to avoid these and only experience the story how the manga intended.

Episode 9: “Natsu Devours a Village”

Natsu and the gang find themselves stranded, desperate for food in this filler episode. As the hunger grows they head back to Magnolia Town instead, landing in a strange uninhabited village on the way.

This village doesn’t have food, but it does instead have a sinister threat that the gang has to deal with before they can finally head back on the search for food.

Episode 19: “Changeling”

This filler episode sees the Fairy Tail guild take on a new mission dealing with a strange kind of magic called Changeling.

A mission is posted to their request board tasking the guild with helping to reverse the effects of this magic which swaps the minds and bodies of two people within 30 minutes or it will be too late and they will be changed forever.

Episode 50: “Special Request: Watch Out for the Guy You like!”

Episode 50 of Fairy Tail is a special episode that sees the team deal with the effects of a faulty passion potion. As the name suggests, this potion spreads and affects the whole team who have to navigate their reactions to the potion, which range from aggression to rivalry until its effects wear off.

Episode 70 to Episode 75: Daphne arc

The Daphne arc is the first anime-only arc that takes place in the Fairy Tail anime. The run, which lasts five episodes, sees Natsu and Wendy investigate a rumor regarding dragon sightings.

As you’d expect, things aren’t always as they seem and the team gets caught up in a revolt against the city of Magnolia.

Episode 125 to Episode 150: Key of the Starry Sky arc

The Key of the Starry Sky arc is the longest filler story in the franchise so far. This 25-episode run tells a tale completely unique to the anime and highlights Lucy.

In this story, Lucy and the crew head out to investigate an ancient device called the Infinity Clock. During this mission, the team soon realizes that there is more to this device, and as the Legion Corps and Dark Guild get involved, it’s up to the Fairy Tail guild to save the people.

Episode 202 to Episode 226: Eclipse Celestial Spirits arc

The final filler arc in Fairy Tail picks up right after the Grand Magic Games arc and shows how events unfolded after the Eclipse Gate was opened. As a result, spirits within the Celestial Spirit world have become hostile.

Now it’s up to the Fairy Tail guild to investigate the cause and reverse these unforeseen effects before too much damage has been done.

Episode 268: “Fairy Tail Zero: Treasure Hunt”

Fairy Tail’s final filler episode tells a story starring Mavis as she journeys on the open seas. As she, Turi, and Warrod are desperate for funds, Mavis heads into an underwater temple, however, things don’t go as planned and the three of them wind up being trapped.