Anime fans outraged at Toei Animation after the studio had fan YouTube channel wiped

Toei Animation, the studio behind Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball, has come under fire from fans after issuing a ton of copyright claims on an anime YouTuber’s channel.

According to a YouTuber Totally Not Mark’s video, Toei Animation flagged over 150 videos on his channel for copyright infringement in 24 hours. However, the creator claims that these videos were all within the grounds of fair use.

He also says that nine of the videos taken down didn’t include any of Toei’s footage and were simply drawing videos, supporting his ultimate claim that Toei hadn’t watched his content before flagging it copyright as YouTube instructs.

In the almost nine-minute-long clip, Totally Not Mark outlines the claim appeal process on YouTube, which can take months per video. At the end of the process, the YouTuber has one video back after losing the ability to generate revenue during the process. He claims that to have 150 videos that were taken down and says having them reinstated would take over 37 years.

Totally Not Mark’s goal is to have his Dragon Ball and One Piece videos reinstated. While he plans to upload supercuts of these videos to the channel, he won’t be supporting either of their new releases until the issue has been resolved.

“I cannot in good conscience support a company that actively disrespects, despise, and destroys its own community like this.”

Totally Not Mark called on others to boycott the new Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO film in solidarity. Since this video, the anime community has come out in support with plenty to say.

Totally Not Mark is currently waiting for Toei‘s response.