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Best anime girl profile pictures

Looking for an anime girl profile picture to match your mood?

Many of the best animes in history have strong lead or supporting female characters. Our list is made for you to immortalize your favorite lady, whether it’s the girl you find to be the cutest or the one that matches your inner queen! Make sure all your followers can see how much you appreciate these ladies by downloading them and using them as your profile picture.

This list has the most memorable anime girls like Revy, Sailor Moon, Mikasa, and Android 18. They are from some of your favorite anime like Black Lagoon, Sailor Moon, Attack on Titan, and Dragon Ball Z. We Got This Covered wants you to have the best profile pics, so make sure you check out our other Pfp lists.

These Pfps should be used for social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Make sure you do not use them on your professional accounts like LinkedIn or MS Teams.

Cool Anime Girls Profile Picture

These anime girls are the most badass in the anime world. These ladies take no prisoners, from super transformations to kicking bad guys’ asses!

Erza in battle with red glowing eyes and black battle uniformRevy on one knee holding out her hand gunGurren looking at an enemy in transformed power
Esdeath with sword in hand and cape flowing in the windSaber in battle looking at an enemyMikasa holding her sword over an enemy
Cho in her pig robot outfit holding out her weaponSailor Moon standing in pose in front of crescent moonMorgiani Kicking an enemy with dust coming off her leg
Sekirei hair blowing in the wind and wearing a black capeMadeaka with hair flowing in the wind in the middle of battleKanzaki taking out her long sword in a white shirt
Android 18 standing with hands on hip in blue denim jacketRunjinko in the middle of battle and screamingSaeko slashing at an enemy with hair blowing in wind

Sad Anime Girls Profile Picture

There is something that leaves you depressed for weeks seeing your favorite anime girl sad. These anime girls had us crying at the thought of them losing a loved one or if they were hurting.

Violet crying with big blue eyesBunny eared girl holding onto animal while crying Mavis is crying and smiling
Kill a kill standing in the rain looking lost and sadAqua with blue hair pleadingAyase Miharu Crying and looking at a loved one
Mariko Kurama crying but smiling at loved oneJuvia looking sad while holding an umbrellaAnohana crying a lot while looking at her loved one
Chihiro holding onto a teddy bear and looking sadLuzy looking sad in low cut topMikaela holding onto a wall and crying

Cute Anime Girls Profile Picture

These anime girls are indeed the cutest you have ever seen. They make our hearts melt, and some of these moments leave us wanting to cuddle them!

Akema big eyes looking cute in red bowtieChitoge holding hands behind her head in a red bakiniYoshie smiling and holding out two fingers eyes closed
Quinella in purple outfit and blonde hairCelenike with glasses on smilingHaruhi with bunny ears standing in front of a microphone
Ririka with blonde ehair looking embarrassed Tio with cute ears looking for approvalChihiro in school girl outfit facing away from camera
Rika in a lab suit wearing glasses and at her computerSuzuka with purple hair looking embarrassedHagusuke wrapped in a scarf
Aqua in blue outfit smilingVampire girl with pink hair smilingAnna with her finger in her mouth wearing a yellow top

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