‘Dragon Ball’ creator praises “amazing” new film ‘Super Hero’

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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has finally launched in theaters in Japan and along with the love that it has been getting from fans, franchise creator Akira Toriyama has shared his thoughts on the movie.

In a post to social media translated by Twitter user Herms98, Toriyama shares his joy for the film explaining how despite his fears the movie turned out to be amazing.

“Prior to this, the stories have taken place out in space or other large-scale settings like that, so this time I wanted to bring things back to their roots, and set the story in only a small area of Earth.

What’s more, the enemy is the Red Ribbon Army, who didn’t make much of a splash back during the manga’s original serialization. And to top it off, Goku and Vegeta aren’t the leads. While I tried to make it an interesting story, I was worried the whole time that it might be a bit plain.”

Toriyama continued praising the team behind the film who “managed to turn it into an amazing movie unlike any before” despite its smaller scale.

While the CGI animation style has been an issue of contention amongst the fanbase Toriyama praised the visuals of the film saying that the movie’s final battle made him go numb.

“The battles in the second half gave me goosebumps, like the fight scene out in the pouring rain. The skillful composition was so intense, I went numb from adrenaline!”

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is now available in Japan and is expected to launch in theaters internationally in August.

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