Here’s The Best Tokyo Ghoul Watch Order

Tokyo Ghoul

Whether you’re a first-time watcher or someone reliving the fan-favorite anime series to date, Tokyo Ghoul is a perfect choice. The show, which first aired in 2014, has garnered a massive following even with only a few different entries in its series.

While the original series came to its conclusion quite some time ago, the characters and story were brought back again as recently as 2018 for the hugely successful Tokyo Ghoul:re series. Along with these two series, there have been multiple OVAs and even a live-action film.

If you’re planning on binging the series anytime soon, then you’ll want to know the best order to do so in. Fortunately, given the limited content available, the right order is quite obvious. That said, if you’d like confirmation, here’s the best way to experience everything that the Tokyo Ghoul universe has to offer.

Tokyo Ghoul watch guide

Starting off your watch of Tokyo Ghoul is simple and, as you may have expected, begins with the original series. Here’s the order of what steps to take next.

  • Tokyo Ghoul (Season 1)
  • Tokyo Ghoul Live-Action Movie (Optional)
  • Tokyo Ghoul (Season 2)
  • Tokyo Ghoul: Jack (OVA)
  • Tokyo Ghoul: Pinto (OVA)
  • Tokyo Ghoul:RE

The live-action Tokyo Ghoul film is an optional extra for your binge of the franchise and definitely not integral to the story; however, if your goal is to check out everything possible, then you’ll want to add this in prior to season two.

It seems that Tokyo Ghoul:re’s second season was the final Tokyo Ghoul content for the immediate future and it’s very unlikely that we’ll get another season. A new movie or OVA is always in the cards, though, given the huge popularity of the series. Still, nothing has been announced.