How Long Does It Take To Watch One Piece?

One Piece

One Piece is one of the longest-running and most popular anime series of all time, and while it’s already established a massive fanbase, there are new fans hopping on board to follow the Strawhat crew’s adventures every day.

First airing in 1999, almost 1000 episodes of the series have aired in the last two decades. Additionally, there are 14 movies set in the world of the anime. If you’re a new fan looking to get in on the action and absorb everything One Piece has to offer, you’ve got quite a task ahead of you.

Along with the sheer volume of content to binge, each episode’s run time is going to contribute to the length of your journey. If you’re curious just how long it will take to binge the show, here’s what you should expect.

How long does it take to watch One Piece?

One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 Artwork

If you’re simply planning on sticking to the main series, then your watch time is going to be shorter than if you check out all the films. If you multiply the average episode runtime of 24 minutes by the current episode count⏤981 episodes as of this writing⏤then you’ll see that it will take you around 16 and a half days to complete the series to date.

If we factor in the length of all 14 One Piece movies, then you’ll need to add another 20 hours to your overall watch time, making the task of completing One Piece a challenge that will take you more than 17 days straight to complete.

Obviously, this isn’t a healthy amount of time to be awake, let alone binge a single series, so we recommend taking your time and enjoying the ride by watching it over the span of a few months. Like all things, if you just put a couple of hours into your routine a day, you’ll reach the end in no time.

If you plan on doing so, check out this watch guide so you can enjoy your One Piece journey in the most optimal viewing order.