How Many Episodes Of One Piece Are There?

One Piece is one of the most popular anime franchises and longest-running series in history. Since October 20th, 1999, the story of Monkey D Luffy’s quest to become The King of The Pirates and reach the Grand Line for the coveted treasure, One Piece, has enthralled fans. Along the way, Luffy has gathered a motley crew of pirates that have stayed by his side as he’s sailed the unknown seas and faced numerous villains on his quest.

Thanks to its unique style and storytelling, One Piece has been a staple in the community for over twenty years and remains just as relevant as newer anime titles like My Hero Academia and Jujustu Kaisen. With that much time on its resume, the anime must have produced a lot of episodes by this time, right? 

So far, One Piece already has nine different story arcs, each with an impressive number of episodes. It’s even produced four OVAs, 13 TV specials, and 14 movies. According to creator Eiichiro Oda, One Piece still has a long way to go. In August 2019, Oda celebrated the manga’s 100th volume and teased that the story would soon reach the beginning of its conclusion. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it will happen anytime soon. Oda even stated last year that he planned to end the series in the next four or five years, confirming that the anime still has a long way to go before it reaches its finale. 

Until then, new fans have plenty of time to catch up on One Piece, and with five years left to go, they’re going to need every minute. That’s twenty years of content to binge-watch, and with a new season premiering every year or so, One Piece more than likely has more episodes than the Dragon Ball franchise, which has been around for about the same amount of time.

One Piece has over 995 episodes so far. By the time the series is finally over, that number will be well over 1000. That’s more episodes than the entire DragonBall series, which currently sits at 804 episodes, and the Naruto series, which currently sits at 720 episodes. That means if you were to binge-watch the show for eight hours a day, it would take you almost 50 days of nonstop binge-watching to finally catch up to the present episodes. Of course, that would be pretty hard to do for anyone realistically. But if you space the episodes out at a reasonable pace, you should hopefully finish in about a year or so.

Even if you don’t, at least you have another four years to work with before One Piece is finally finished. Either way, it’s probably wise to get started now. That way, you can truly enjoy the story without feeling pressed for time.