How Many Titan Powers Does Eren Have In Attack On Titan?

Anyone who has seen Attack on Titan understands just how powerful the nine Titans are and how their strength can buff its user. Given this, having multiple Titan powers can make you one of the most powerful characters in the series.

Not many of the characters in the show get the opportunity to own more than one Titan power, especially given that hosting a single Titan can drastically shorten one’s life. But the show’s protagonist Eren demonstrates that it is possible.

If you’re an anime watcher, then you may not have yet seen the extent of Eren’s powers, but manga readers will know exactly how insane they become. Part of this is because his Titan powers are gathered throughout the series.

How many Titans does Eren have?

In Attack on Titan, Eren manages to acquire the power of three different Titans: the Attack Titan, the Warhammer Titan, and the Founding Titan.

The Attack Titan is the first power we see Eren use on the show, and if you’ve watched enough of the series, then you’ll know he inherited this power from his father and also received the power of the Founding Titan at the same time.

We see Eren acquire his third Titan power during the Raid on Liberio arc, where he bests the Warhammer Titan in combat and winds up eating her to survive.

Given that the manga has come to an end and we don’t see Eren gain any new forms between where the anime has currently left off, it isn’t likely that we’ll see him gain the powers of any further Titans in Attack on Titan.