How Old Is Ciel From Black Butler?

Earl Ciel Phantom is a 13-year-old boy from London in the world of the Black Butler manga and anime series. He was born on Dec. 14, 1875 son of Vincent Phantomhive and Rachel Phantomhive.

The manga is still ongoing, but the anime has ended and took a different turn when compared to the manga. He starts the story in the manga at 12 years old and has a birthday party in chapter 14, meaning he turned 13 years old. No other birthday parties were depicted in the manga or anime.

Ciel lived a normal life with his parents until his tenth birthday when he lost everything. Ciel lost his parents when an unknown group attacked the Phantomhive, was taken away, and sold to a cult to be a sacrifice.

After being abused and treated like an animal, he managed to summon a demon and signed a contract with it, naming him Sebastian Michaelis. Sebastian was to become a butler until Ciel got his revenge against those who took his dignity away from him. After the revenge is done, Sebastian gets to eat Ciel’s soul.

His history in the manga and the anime series starts after Ciel returns to the Phantomhuve manor and becomes the head of the family house and the Queens’s Watchdog. He also became the owner of the Funtom Corporation, a toy factory, and entered the Aristocrats of Evil.

The manga and anime follow Ciel’s adventures accompanied by Sebastian to fulfill his role as the Queen’s Watchdog while trying to get to those who did him wrong and conduct his revenge.