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How Strong is Jigen From ‘Boruto’?

Jigen is tougher than most of the characters in 'Boruto' but he may not be the most powerful.

Since the launch of Boruto more and more powerful characters have surfaced in the Naruto franchise and one of the most feared is Jigen.

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First appearing in chapter 15 of the manga or episode 179 of the anime, the vessel of Isshiki ultimately winds up becoming one of the biggest challenges for Naruto and Sasuke to take on in the series to date.

The big question that fans may be wondering is exactly how powerful is Jigen? While that is a loaded question, here’s everything we know.

How Strong is Jigen From Boruto?

Image via Tokyo TV

Jigen is an extremely powerful character, without doubt, one of the strongest that we have seen, however, he is not the most powerful.

Most of Jigen’s power comes from being Isshiki’s vessel and using this strength he was able to battle and defeat both Naruto and Sasuke at the same time. The most powerful ability that Jigen himself has is his ability to shrink both himself and other items to be used as projectiles or as a shield against enemy attacks. 

He can summon these items from the pocket dimension at will to use in battle. Jigen also has the ability to produce black rods which can drain the chakra of enemies. At the peak of his powers, he can summon large versions of these rods to immobilize foes.

Outside of his Ninjutsu, Jigen is a commendable hand-to-hand fighter with incredible speed and strength. Of course, the Kama seal boosts the power of all of Jigen’s attacks as he takes in more of the power that Isshiki possesses.

As the Boruto anime continues characters are only continuing to get more powerful and while Jigen is a commendable name for the time being, with each new reveal the cast of the show is beginning to exceed his strength.

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