Is 9anime safe for watching anime?

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Fans of the anime genre cannot get enough of anime, however, with the costs of all of the different streaming platforms that carry anime skyrocketing, fans are looking for different ways to stream and watch their favorite shows. Many different websites have been popping up over the years, claiming that they are the best ways for viewers to stream content.

Another issue that arises while using these platforms is that they don’t always have the language that the viewer is specifically looking for, thus making it incredibly difficult to watch and understand the shows. One of the most popular sites that has come up and gained a huge following is 9anime. The shows appear in a high quality (1080p), which is incredible for a free platform.

Users can also download their favorite shows straight to their computer, just in case they’re traveling somewhere without WiFi and still wish to watch their favorite anime. Another plus that comes with 9anime is that all of the shows are available in both English and Japanese, a huge benefit to viewers of the show. All of this still has fans wanting to be sure that 9anime is safe for their computers, especially due to the fact that many streaming sites can cause viruses.

Is 9anime safe?

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The short answer is yes, your computer will be safe. 9anime will not download any viruses to your computer that many other streaming platforms are known to do. However, fans must be careful when they click on 9anime because — as with many sites — they’ll be bombarded with ads.

Users will have to click through all of the ads beforehand, which is extremely annoying, but worth it. Another thing that fans need to be on the lookout for; not all of the ads are suitable for younger audiences who might be looking to access their services. However, to combat this, viewers have suggested using an ad-block while on that specific site.

This has shown to be very successful among those who have already given it a try. With all of the different streaming sites out there, fans can rest easy knowing that 9anime is safe — even if you have to click through a sea of ads.