Part 2 of ‘JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean’ is finally coming to Netflix

JoJo Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean
Image via IMDb

Warning; Spoilers for part 1 of Stone Ocean to follow

The perilous plight of Jolyne Cujoh is set to continue when episodes 13-22 of Stone Ocean, the sixth story arc of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime series, releases on Netflix later this year.

Given the length of arcs throughout the JoJo’s manga, episode 22 will likely not be the last we see of Stone Ocean, so fans will have to wait a bit longer before witnessing the conclusion of this chapter of the Joestar family’s conundrums. Nevertheless, the continuation of the sixth part of this storied anime is confirmed for this year, with many fans speculating a release sometime in the fall.

Continuing a centuries-long conflict between the Joestar and Brando families, Stone Ocean follows protagonist Jolyne Cujoh who is framed for a crime she did not commit and is subsequently sent to a prison in early 2010-era Florida. When her father, Jotaro, comes to Florida to free her, a half-successful attempt is made on his life, and his memories, soul, and special powers are stolen away from him. With the help of her cellmates-turned-allies, Jolyne seeks to return her father’s life force to him, clear her name, and bring justice to the real villains behind it all.

When we last saw Jolyne, she managed to send her father’s powers back to his body, narrowly avoiding a fatal encounter with an enemy that is yet unknown to her. But, she loses consciousness in the aftermath of the conflict and is subsequently picked up by prison staff, who interpreted her presence in the courtyard as an escape attempt.

To make matters worse, her father’s memories and soul are still hidden somewhere in the prison, and she’s running out of time to return them. With Jolyne in chains and her mission far from complete, part 2 of Stone Ocean will likely see the heroine’s allies play a huge role in her bid for victory.