Ranking the Sailor Scouts of ‘Sailor Moon’

Anyone who was born in the ’90s knows all about a little show called Sailor Moon and the group of Sailor Scouts who help the title character battle villains and defend the Solar System. Since the original ’90s anime, there’s been a reboot in the form of Sailor Moon Crystal that remains more faithful to the manga, as well as a movie event, Sailor Moon: Eternal. Its popularity is returning in a big way, and there’s still plenty of story to tell.

While the series is named after her, Sailor Moon is still a ditzy teenage girl with many shortcomings who often needs help from those around her. Her friends, who consistently help her save the galaxy, are known as the Sailor Scouts, and it’s about time that they receive a proper ranking.

Here, in order of overall likability, is our ranking of Sailor and the Scouts.

10. Sailor Chibi Moon

Chibiusa has always gotten mixed reviews from fans. Some people love her while others hate her; however, being Mamoru and Usagi’s daughter puts her at the bottom of the list. When compared to the rest of the Sailor Scouts, Chibiusa was basically guaranteed her powers because of her birthright. Even though her powers as a Sailor Guardian don’t appear until Pluto’s sacrifice, it still seems cheap.

As for Chibiusa as a character, there are mixed reviews, but in the new Sailor Moon Crystal, her annoying factor was upped even more. Whether this was on purpose or not, we’re not sure, but she went from a side character to a featured one like the rest of the Sailor Guardians. Because she’s so childlike compared to the rest of the cast, Chibiusa just doesn’t compare to the rest of the cast.

9. Sailor Pluto

Sailor Pluto, while gorgeous, doesn’t have much of a story apart from helping Chibiusa time-travel. Yes, she has a close bond with Chibiusa, but it isn’t until later seasons that we see some semblance of a personality not revolving around Usagi and Mamoru’s daughter. It feels like Pluto can’t stand on her own, or else there wasn’t a reason for her to.

She’s the protector of time and space, which is a cool concept, it’s just been executed poorly since most of her interactions have been with Chibiusa. In later seasons, when she’s raising a young Hotaru Tomoe with Haruka and Michiru, we see a bit more of her personality in the family setting, which is nice.

8. Sailor Mercury

The only original member of Sailor Moon’s Scouts to be this low is Sailor Mercury, and that’s because of her personality ⏤ or lack thereof ⏤ as Ami Mizuno. Almost all of the Sailor Scouts have something distinct about them; even Pluto has her love for Chibiusa. Ami, however, is stuck in the soft-spoken quiet girl archetype that so many anime have. It’s not bad, but for a main character she’s in need of more development.

We hear about her parents and family life, but we never really see much of her home life or understand why she is the way she is. As Sailor Mercury, she’s quite powerful, though, which makes up some for her personality. Again, she’s the smart one, so she keeps the Sailor Guardians safe by staking out the territory and villains they’re up against.

7. Sailor Uranus

Haruka Tenou is the human identity of Sailor Uranus, and for a while it’s unclear whether Haruka is a boy or girl. She flirts with both Usagi and Makoto but is truly in love with Michiru Kaiou, otherwise known as Sailor Neptune. Uranus is shown to be one of the most powerful Sailor Guardians, with her sword being a strong weapon in both offensive and defensive battles.

The thing about Haruka is that you never know just what side she sits on. Is she trying to help the Inner Guardians and Sailor Moon, or is she only playing with them? Especially in Sailor Moon Crystal, we see her and Michiru going back and forth until finally pledging their allegiance to Sailor Moon. As a powerful team member, Uranus deserves to have her praises sung.

6. Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Jupiter, the Guardian of love and courage, is a tomboyish girl who is obsessed with all things love. We constantly hear her talk about an ex-boyfriend as well as fawning over people such as Haruka and the alien villain Al. She makes for good laughs, but is also a great friend to those around her, showing how incredibly loyal she is.

It’s believed that she was modeled after Jupiter, the god of thunder, from Roman mythology, as she has the power of thunder and lightning on her side. Her Sailor crown extends into a lightning rod, which allows her to use more powerful attacks.

5. Sailor Neptune

One of the Outer Guardians is Sailor Neptune, otherwise known as Michiru Kaiou. In Sailor Moon Crystal, she seems a bit cold, especially towards Usagi. This is because she and her lover, Sailor Uranus, are Outer Guardians who don’t belong on Earth or anywhere near Sailor Moon. As we see her personality grow, though, it’s shown that she’s soft-spoken and truly just wants a life with Haruka (Sailor Uranus’ human persona).

She’s also caring towards Chibiusa, and her motherly instincts grow when she gets the chance to raise a newly reborn Sailor Saturn with Pluto and Uranus. She’s able to harness the power of water, much like Sailor Mercury, and uses her mirror for attacks. Mainly, Neptune is so high up due to the intricacies of her character and her love story with Haruka, which, secretively, is more interesting than Mamo and Usagi’s.

4. Sailor Mars

Along with Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars is another fan-favorite character. Her sassy remarks and banter with Usagi are both comical and, sometimes, even needed in the series. Mars has the power of fire and represents that with her fiery and fierce personality, which is usually aimed at Usagi. The two butt heads frequently, but as a Sailor Guardian, Mars is passionate and loyal to the group.

In the original anime, there’s more to her actions toward Usagi, namely her own feelings toward Mamoru. The two even date briefly, seeing as Rei, Mars’ human alter ego, is a bit older. When everyone realizes who Mamo and Usagi are, though, she understands that she can’t have him, which causes jealousy toward Usagi. Hopefully Mars wouldn’t be too jealous that she’s below Sailor Moon on this list.

3. Sailor Moon

Of course Sailor Moon has to make it in the top three at least, as it is her show and team of Sailor Scouts. Usagi Tsukino, otherwise known as Sailor Moon, is a klutzy and ditsy middle schooler. She’s also the princess that the Sailor Guardians have sworn to protect. Though she can be a bit dense, Sailor Moon is loyal and faithful to the rest of the Scouts and will do anything to protect the ones she loves.

Because of her personality as Usagi, though, fans have issues with her, and rightfully so. She’s immature, which is shown time and time again throughout the series. Even so, her actions as Sailor Moon outweigh those as a middle school student and because there are other characters who are more likable than her, she comes in at number three.

2. Sailor Venus

Many fans’ favorite Sailor Scout comes down to Venus and Mars, but Venus is so popular that she earned the number two spot. She’s the leader of the main Sailor Scouts and for a while was even thought to be a princess until it was revealed that Usagi was. She’s responsible, funny, and kindhearted, which makes for a well-rounded character for fans to watch on screen.

Venus is also one of the Scouts to at least attempt to be kind to Usagi when she does something wrong or dumb. As the leader, she has a lot of responsibility, but as her human form, Minako Aino, she’s able to balance both lives easily. Though she began as the legendary Sailor V, Venus has become a beloved Scout among fans and characters.

1. Sailor Saturn

Known as the Guardian of ruin and rebirth, Sailor Saturn takes the number one spot. Not only does Sailor Saturn have the best Sailor Scout awakening, but also the best objective. Saturn doesn’t awaken unless she must reset time, or, at some point in the anime, when she is forced to. She and her civilian form, Hotaru Tomoe, are also probably the most different from each other, which is interesting when you compare them to the rest of the Scouts, who appear to have the same personalities in both forms.

Hotaru Tomoe is Chibiusa’s best friend in the anime series and when we finally see her transform, it’s an intense feeling for Chibiusa, who barely recognizes her so-called friend. Either way, Sailor Saturn and Hotaru Tomoe are not only the most interesting Sailor Scout/character, but also the most powerful after Sailor Moon. It’s only right that she belongs on top.

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