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The 10 best ‘Berserk’ characters, ranked

The gory anime has some of the most well-written characters.

Berserk is a manga and anime beloved by many fans. Known for its in-depth depiction of dark fantasy and for not holding back in terms of gore and nudity, Berserk tells the story of the lone swordsman, Guts, who allies himself with a mercenary group known as the Band of the Hawks. After becoming close friends with the group’s leader Griffith, Guts joins the Band of the Hawk in their fight to protect the King of Midland. Although the group soon become heroes after they ended the 100-year war, things take a much darker and supernatural turn. 

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With a host of interesting characters present in the storyline, here are the 10 best Berserk characters ranked from worst to best. 

10. Zodd

Nosferatu Zodd’s debut in Berserk was not only a bloody one, but a fearful eye-opener. When he was introduced in the Golden Age arc, the other characters and the viewers came to the realization that monsters were not just real and terrifying, but they had a massive magical influence on the Berserk world. Zodd is not just your run of the mill villain, as his character played such an important role in the turning point of the story. He was terrifying in his apostle form, and his fight with Guts was a brutal and unforgettable one.

9. Pippin

Known to be very strong and extremely loyal, Pippin was a core member of the Band of Falcons. His loyalty led him to give up his life to buy time for Casca and Judeau to escape. With strength rivaled only by Guts, he could easily kill apostles with a swing of his mace. Pippin was also a very intelligent warrior, and expansive knowledge of mines was instrumental in the rescue of Griffith. Although he rarely spoke, Pippin was always there to protect the members of the band, and to warn them of incoming danger.

8. Flora

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Flora was known for her maternal-like relationship with Schierke. With the craziness, gore, and ruthlessness that Berserk portrays, Flora’s very existence gives the viewers hope of happiness and a better world. She was a breath of fresh air amid a very dark and chaotic gathering of characters, and an emotional core for the Hawks. Flora always fought to see the best in people and her warm presence had a great influence on the band as a whole. 

7. Farnese de Vandimion

A problem child and pyromaniac, Farnese may be seen as evil for absolutely no reason by many viewers. Thankfully, the story does not abandon her as just a problem child, and by revealing the darkness surrounding her origins, it’s no wonder she ended up the way she is. Suffering physical and emotional abandonment as a child, her much darker side was unfortunately awoken. With how brutal and unforgiving the world of Berserk is, Farnese had to do certain things to protect herself. Slowly but surely, however, Farnese is opening up more and developing deeper relationships with the Hawks.

6. Schierke

Schierke is a young witch-in-training who has magical abilities. She is not only a character that the Hawks rely on to literally stay alive in many instances, but is also a humane and compassionate person. Schierke makes a very deep connection with Guts and he trusts her a lot too. Given how dominating Guts is, the way he relies on Schierke is endearing in its own light. She is also the only one capable of keeping him sane while he is in his berserk mode.

5. Serpico

Serpico is famous for being one of the rare humans that can go toe-to-toe with Guts. Due to his commoner origins, Serpico learned when to pick fights and when to withdraw. Throughout his childhood, he had to fight children older and sometimes bigger than him because they looked down on him. Half-brother to Farnese, he caters to her every whim, and despite his rough beginnings, Serpico has learned to trust and empathize with the band.

4. Judeau

Judeau was a character that others easily relied on. He made it his staple to be someone who had everyone’s back as best as he could. As a fighter, Judeau not only attacked with quick moves, but also with sharp wits. Judeau was a highly intelligent character who was able to easily read the other members’ emotional states, making him a strong empath to his friends, and while may not have made a great leader, he was an outstanding friend. His loss was a painful blow to the viewers.

3. Griffith

When it comes to shocking betrayals and amazing villains, Griffith ranks very high among anime watchers. Griffith was the leader of the Hawks and was revered by many for his various chivalrous works, despite being a mercenary. Not only was he beautiful, but he was also a great tactician and fighter. Throughout Berserk, the viewers could see how his comrades were close to his heart, and although his ambition drove him to evil, many still sympathize with Griffith, making him a very polarizing character.

2. Casca

Casca is a mercenary and the love interest of our protagonist Guts. Although at the end of Berserk she is still alive, unlike many characters, the amount of trauma she suffered has left her completely mute. Casca is a highly respected character that is known for taking charge of the Band of the Hawks in times of need. Being the only woman in a highly patriarchal world who successfully led the mercenaries to battle and back won her the respect of the viewers too.

1. Guts

Guts, also referred to as the Black Swordsman, is a mercenary and branded wanderer who is mostly driven by his will to survive. After growing attached to the Band of the Hawks, his drive to uphold the promises made to them takes the forefront. Guts’ story is a tragic one, but he finds a home as a member of the Band of the Hawks. His character makes both a great hero and antihero and is a character that is pretty hard to dislike because many viewers can understand the reasons behind many of his actions.  

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