The best ‘My Hero Academia’ gifts for fans of the anime and manga

Class 1-A of My Hero Academia
Image via Crunchyroll

Since its creation in 2014, My Hero Academia has gone on to become one of the most popular anime and manga series of current times. Its world, where almost everyone can become a hero with superpowers, has fascinated millions of fans around the globe who long to get a little bit closer to this fantasy universe and their favorite characters.

To anyone who has a My Hero Academia fan in their life, we strive to make the task of gift-giving significantly easier. All you have to do is take your pick from this gift guide, which compiles the best and most desired gifts of any My Hero Academia enthusiast, with a varied range of prices.

My Hero One’s Justice video game

Is the person you want to gift also a gamer? Look no further; this gift will surely be a success. My Hero One’s Justice is an arena combat game set in the world of My Hero Academia in which the player can choose to fight as a villain or hero from their favorite series. There are 23 playable characters to choose from, and yes, the player can use Quirks to fight, unleashing immense damage to the surrounding area or opponents.

If you’d like to go the extra mile, you can also purchase My Hero One’s Justice 2, which ups the ante with 40 playable characters, new abilities, and settings. Both games allow single-player and multiplayer modes and are available for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC (Microsoft Windows).

My Hero Academia Monopoly

My Hero Academia Monopoly game
Photo via USAopoly

Even if video games are out of the equation, there’s no reason why you and the person you want to gift can’t enjoy a My Hero Academia-themed game. With this special edition Monopoly, game nights will never be the same. Whether with family or friends, this game can be played by two to six people and is suitable for fans of various ages.

Everything about the game is customized — from the board to the cards, and even the money — featuring all of Class 1-A’s students, as well as some Pro Heroes and beloved villains. It also includes six themed player tokens, namely, the U.A. sigil, Shigaraki’s hand, Deku’s mask, Bakugo’s grenade glove, Eraserhead’s visor, and a dummy bomb.

My Hero Academia x TSM collection

My Hero Academia has recently partnered with TSM for an exclusive merch line, which is to die for. The collection includes hoodies, tees, keycaps, and mousepads, celebrating the anime’s sixth season by mixing the series’ most beloved characters with TSM’s unique style.

There are five types of hoodies, all in the color black, but each one featuring a different character — Deku, All Might, Bakugo, Shoto Todoroki, and Ochacho Uraraka. The hoodies are the most expensive items in this collection, at $75 each. As for tees, there are six models available, and most are currently priced at $35, with the exception of one, which is at $38 and is mostly teal, unlike its black counterparts. All clothing items’ sizes range from S to 3XL, and can be purchased exclusively through TSM’s website.

My Hero Academia: The Evil Villains statue figurine

My Hero Academia action figure
Photo via Banpresto

Any My Hero Academia fan can appreciate a good villain. Sometimes, villains can be even more interesting and complex characters than goody-two-shoes heroes, and Dabi is certainly one of them. So why not step out of the mold and go with an action figure of this fan-favorite antagonist?

This particular figure portrays Dabi using his fire Quirk in battle with a menacing smile, and it stands at around 5.12 inches. This collection also has other My Hero Academia villain figures available, like Shigaraki and Himiko Toga, to choose from. Depending on the figure, the size may vary, but they all come with a random trading card as a bonus. The princes range from $15 to $46.

My Hero Academia Funko POP!

Photo via Funko

We all know Funko POP!, and we all love it. These vinyl figures are a staple in every fan’s merchandise collection, being widespread in fandoms. You can find almost any character from the series in POP! form, but if you’re not sure which one would be the right choice to gift the My Hero Academia fan in your life, there’s no way you can go wrong with this one.

This figure depicts Deku in the epic fight to save Eri, with One for All flowing throughout his body. Featuring Eri on the protagonist’s back, this figure is around 4.75-inches tall, and is loved by its unique colors that aren’t easily found in other My Hero Academia POP! The cherry on top? You can get your hands on the special edition that glows in the dark — how fun is that?

My Hero Academia box set

My Hero Academia Box Set
Photo via VIZ Media

So you have a little more money to spend and want to blow your friend’s mind? For any manga aficionado, this gift is sure to make their entire year. With a box set, you can gift a My Hero Academia fan 20 manga volumes, which is a lot – considering the series currently has a total of 36 volumes. The set also includes two bonuses: a double-sided poster and a 48-page illustration book with commentary from the mangaka himself.

If this person fell in love with the series only by watching the anime but has been wanting to dive into the manga, this is a perfect gift to give them a little push. On the other hand, if they have already read the manga online — but love a good collection — this box set would make their dream come true anyway. After all, nothing beats having the real thing in your hands and being able to proudly display your collection.

My Hero Academia LED stand

My Hero Academia LED stand
Photo via Kawaii Figure

In the modern world, everyone loves having LED lights in their homes. These lights are the perfect finishing touch to a cozy and modern aesthetic, being very popular for decorating one’s living space. Put two and two together, and you have a great gift for any My Hero Academia fan looking to punch up their decorations.

These LED stands come in a variety of different characters, and of course, the lights’ colors are switchable. With a remote, there are up to 16 colors to choose from, and you can adjust their brightness, speed, and gradient. All that is needed is a USB cable or a dry battery to get this puppy powered up and ready to go.

My Hero Academia plush

Shoto Todoroki plush
Photo via Taku Den Sya Store

Whoever says stuffed toys are only for kids couldn’t be more wrong; this gift is suitable for both younger fans and any adult who likes to cuddle. With 15.6 inches in length, this plush can be used as the perfect pillow or just a source of comfort for anyone feeling down. According to reviews, its material is very soft and makes everyone want to squish it — not to mention how cute it is.

U.A. High School Winter hat and scarf combo

Photo via Bioworld Store

For cold days, nothing is better than cozy items to keep us warm. So how about gifting your hero-enthusiast their very own U.A.-themed Winter hat and scarf? Not only would this make a cool gift but also a very useful one, especially for someone who doesn’t like the cold.

The items are in the U.A. uniform’s signature colors — green and gray — and feature the school’s sigil in white. For an extra touch, U.A.’s mottos, “Plus Ultra” and “Go Beyond” are also displayed in the scarf. Despite this, the design is neutral enough that it goes under the radar of anyone unfamiliar with the series, which can be ideal for more low-key fans. Both pieces are made of acrylic yarn material, and according to reviewers, it’s fairly soft to the touch. To make your life simpler, the items are designed to fit people of various sizes, so you don’t have to worry about measurements. This set is priced at $45.82.

My Hero Academia fleece throw blanket

My Hero Academia Fleece Blanket
Photo via JUST FUNKY Store

Continuing on the winter theme, another great option would be a fleece throw blanket. These blankets are often popular choices for gifts since you can usually find them at good prices and are ideal for anyone. This particular blanket features My Hero Academia’s main trio — Deku, Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki, along with their classmate, Ochaco Uraraka — looking determined to take on a challenge, as always.

The item is 45×60 inches and made of polyester, which makes it lightweight, smooth-feeling, and warm during colder months. It’s a great item to have around when the temperature drops and anyone would be happy to have it gifted to them. Currently, this blanket’s price is $17.49, but similar products are usually sold at around $20-$30.

With all these gift options at your disposal, there’s no way to go wrong, so get to choosing.

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