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The top 10 ENTP anime characters

From Gods of Death to Killer Clowns...how are they all ENTPs?

Human beings are inherently attracted to finding out more and more about themselves and their peers, discovering exactly how similar we are to one another. Oftentimes, we turn to psychological personality tests online, including MBTI, one of the most popular personality tests out there (thanks Tumblr!).

For anyone unfamiliar with MBTI, or Myers Briggs Type Indicator, it is a personality test that compiles a number of functions to aid those attempting to figure out their communicational preferences. The different personality types are denoted by four letters. The first letter indicates whether a person is an introvert or an extrovert; the second letter concerns itself with how you process information, through sensing, or intuition (N); the third refers to how one makes decisions, by thinking, or feeling; and the forth letter determines how you deal with the outside world, by judging, or perceiving.

The ENTP personality type, then, is an extroverted, intuitive, thinking, perceptual character. ENTP individuals tend to be bold, creative, and easily build and deconstruct ideas and notions, and on that note, here are the 10 anime characters that best fit the ENTP description.

Hange Zoë (Attack On Titan)

A fan favorite, and still lacking screentime, Hange is possibly one of the best examples of a mature and healthy ENTP. Generally, the audience sees the 14th commander as someone extremely charismatic, curious, and hard-working. In spite of the comedic relief given by Hange’s one-liners, some traits are very much evident from the get-go. 

Hange represents the perfect instigator ENTP as they oftentimes instigate conflicts, question those around them, and make fun of those they care about for no apparent reason (e.g. Hange mocking Eren when he was in jail). Hange is an extremely intelligent individual who is very logical, hates small talk, and gets straight to the point, showing precisely the objective and analytical side of ENTPs. 

If there’s something you don’t understand, learn to understand it.”

Ryuk (Death Note)

Ryuk is quite literally the definition of the fickle ENTP. The Shinigami gets very easily bored and is constantly aiming for a new toy to have fun with. The entire plot of Death Note revolves around the moment where Ryuk hands the journal to Light Yagami, causing the main character to become power-hungry and creating a ruckus in the human world. 

ENTPs require a surplus of stimuli, constantly seeking new adventures to stimulate them. Ryuk is just about the epitome of an extroverted perceptual dominant. He finds his own Shinigami realm dull and seeks a new adventure, completely disregarding the human lives lost along the way, all the while maintaining ENTPs’ typical dark sense of humor and a distorted sense of morality.

Well, it was good while it lasted. We killed some boredom, didn’t we? We did some various and interesting things.”

Shinji Hirako (Bleach)

Although very flamboyant and quirky, Hirako is definitely not a superficial character as he is often labeled. As a matter of fact, the leader of the Visored is quite the theorizer, even though he’s not exactly prone to using factual logic, he still prefers to make decisions based on rationale rather than emotions (T vs F). Shinji does take pride in being odd, having a clear distaste for tradition and conventional endeavors, thus showing he is an individual thinker who very rarely goes along with the masses.

Thriving on freedom, ENTPs tend to dislike structure, having a clear preference for casual environments where their wittiness and bluntness are openly welcomed. Shinji is also very much an instigator and enjoys provoking people and causing a reaction. Since ENTPS aren’t ones to shy away from confrontation, they can be rather assertive if needed, regardless of their tendency to take everything in a much more casual way. 

When ya find yourself in a position of command, even if ya sympathize with ’em, ya can’t be too sensitive to your subordinates’ feelings. You do things how you wanna do ’em. An’ if doin’ it your own way doesn’t work out, then that just means the job ain’t for you.”

Orochimaru (Naruto)

Chaotic, and the perfect complex antagonist, Orochimaru is one of those characters that perfectly exemplifies and encaptures ENTPs. He is a mad scientist who strives to achieve immortality while using his own techniques and pursuing his own ideas. Rather than following traditions, Orochimaru is a character who seeks new opportunities, constantly focusing on attaining his objectives, and in this case, it was to obtain the knowledge of all Jutsus that existed. 

Creative and unconventional, Orochimaru fits the ENTP description like a glove. He is strategic and solves problems very easily. When it comes to emotions, although not completely apathetic, the scientist isn’t exactly in tune with his own feelings. Still, his extroverted personality allows him to understand the feelings of others quite well and he very efficiently manipulates those working under him in a diplomatic way. 

I want to master all techniques to understand the truth of this world.”

Donquixote Doflamingo (One Piece

Constantly looking at the bigger picture and larger patterns, Doflamingo is a character who aims at the finest things in life. Attaining power and revenge is at the top of his priority list, and while trying to reach that point, this flamboyant and eccentric antagonist shows the large geopolitical convergence is about to happen by looking at the bigger picture. 

Cynical, nihilistic, and methodological, Doflamingo has quite the creative outlook on life, constantly juggling new ideas and focusing on improvising new ways to antagonize those around him. He is not a good person, but he is a very interesting example of how ENTPs can use their intelligence and imagination for evil, and most of all, to reach their ends. He is also a perfect example of a flawed ENTP who gets easily bored and loses focus on details rather quickly, oftentimes missing details from his opponents and leading him to be fooled in battle a few times. Spontaneous, laid-back, and scatter-brained, the Dressrosa antagonist perfectly encompasses the selfish and clever ENTP persona. 

Those who stand at the top determine what’s wrong and what’s right! This very place is neutral ground! Justice will prevail, you say? But of course, it will! Whoever wins this war becomes justice!

Satoru Gojo (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Stereotyped as narcissistic and self-centered, Satoru Gojo is a character who is sure of himself and confident in his powers. The professor at Jujutsu High is very rational when it comes to his actions, even going as far as to not act at all if it involves placing others in danger. At the same time, Gojo is not the type of character who will stop at any means. Although not evil, he intends to build a better future, even if he needs to stop someone by any means necessary, including killing his best friend. 

Sarcastic, goal-oriented Gojo has a way with words, and uses wit to achieve his goals. He is known to be a constant critic of society and finds flaws in those in power, questioning their authority. Nevertheless, he is not one to illogically go against his superiors. As a textbook ENTP, Gojo is also someone always looking at possibilities, taking moments as a chance to teach his students something new and even to fight and have fun while doing it.

Let’s play catch with discarded rice balls while discussing the separation of church and state!

Arataka Reigen (Mob Psycho 100)

The personification of a charlatan, Reigen is an ENTP through and through. Reigen specializes in conversation, using his words to easily achieve everything he wants. Although not exactly a bad person, this character isn’t one to shy away from manipulating and scamming those seeking help. Although often characterized as a fool or inept, Reigen is very intelligent and easily persuades his customers, charming anyone walking into his office. 

In spite of his humorous demeanor, Reigen presents himself as a rather obvious ENTP, having no qualms about using his intelligence for his advantage at any price (well, as long as it involves monetary gain). His extroverted persona, along with his quick-witted attitude and creativity, exemplifies the perfect anime character to represent a mature and yet flawed ENTP. 

“Listen well, we are different than regular people because we are born with special powers. But that shouldn’t give you the illusion that you’re a special being. We are part of humanity.

Hisoka Murrow (Hunter x Hunter)

As everyone’s favorite antagonist, Hisoka is the character who defies the limits of the Hunter x Hunter the most. As we have stated before, ENTPs are known to be innovative and imaginative with their action, thus making Hisoka the perfect spokesperson for an exuberant and creative ENTP. His powers (did you know Bungee Gum has both the properties of bubble and gum?) are constant targets of study by characters in Hunter x Hunter, meaning that although Hisoka often explains his Bungee Gum abilities, he always takes them a step above and beyond, puzzling those around him. 

Always considering the future and the potential around him, Hisoka is never stuck in old antics that might tie him down. Although eccentric and perhaps excessively irrational at times, Hisoka’s Extroverted Intuition actually entails he ponders everything thoroughly, even wishing to face those as enigmatic and powerful as he is, which is a perfect example of his competitiveness from the introverted thinking in ENTPs.

Opposites attract. I’d bet we’d get along. We could be great friends. But be careful, as Transmuters are fickle. What used to be valuable can instantly turn to chaff.”

Bulma (Dragon Ball)

Perhaps one of the best female characters in anime, Bulma fits most of the ENTP traits. She is adventurous, curious, imaginative, and articulate. Bulma enjoys making fun of her friends and has a powerful way with words, allowing her to charm herself out of situations. The world of Dragon Ball has evolved partly due to Bulma and her innovative ideas, from the Dragon Radar to the Time Machine. 

Besides her genius inventions and narrative-changing strategic ideas, Bulma is still very in touch with her feelings and values, highly prioritizing society’s rules and values, although Bulma herself is very scatter-brained and disorganized. Even though Bulma fits the positive ENTP stereotypes quite well, she does also have some of the unhealthy traits ENTPs often display, including spontaneous impulsivity and recklessness, meaning she puts herself and others in danger for the sake of her adventurous-seeking nature. 

Look Goku, you can go out in public and have your hair sticking out in every direction if you want to, but not me!

Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Edward Elric is quite possibly one of the most iconic ENTPs in media. The whole basis of Fullmetal Alchemist revolves around the fact that, as an ENTP, Edward is an incredibly advanced alchemist. He is someone who is always looking at the potential of things, completely disregarding the impossible, and never restricting himself or his powers. As is usual for ENTPs, Edward jumps from idea to idea, never getting bored during his search for new and enthusiastic ideas and perceptions. 

His non-conforming nature and constant striving for captivating ways of using alchemy make him a rebellious and dangerous character for the world order, challenging tradition through his ambition. 

A lesson without pain is meaningless. That’s because no one can gain without sacrificing something. But by enduring that pain and overcoming it, he shall obtain a powerful, unmatched heart. A Fullmetal heart.”

Although online personality tests aren’t particularly considered to be valuable psychological evaluations, these quizzes can still be a fun and entertaining way of learning about yourself and your favorite fictional characters.

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