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Watch: Sony Pictures teases perils of gossiping in hilarious video ahead of ‘The Way of Househusband’ release

Gossiping is evidently injurious to health.

In preparation for the upcoming live-action film The Way of the Househusband, Sony Pictures Japan has released a short clip on their YouTube channel, depicting two minor characters gossiping in a restaurant but it’s long before their conversation ends on a hilarious note.

The clip features Masa (voiced by Jun Shison) talking to Yukari Omae (voiced by Tina Tamashiro), a new character who is a part-time cafe waitress/college student. The two talked about the main character, Tatsu, and his ‘lack-of’ relationship with his rival – Torajirou’s sister Koharu. But eventually, Yukari gets annoyed with Masa for obsessively talking about Koharu only and she retaliates by hitting him on the head, followed by setting a hot plate on his hands.

Way of the Househusband is popular manga series that was released back in 2018. It follows Tatsu, a former yakuza-turned-househusband who lives his new life supporting his wife Miku. The manga currently has nine volumes in Japanese and has a mix of action, mild violence, and comedy as Tatsu uses his old Yakuza experience in his everyday life. The manga was later adapted into anime by Netflix as well as a live-action TV series by NTV and both were released in October 2020.

The live-action film was announced by Sony Pictures in April 2022, It will be released in Japan, with the cast from the Japanese live-action series reprising their roles. The trailer featured a mix of comedy and action against different yakuza gangs. The official cast list has been announced, which includes new and original characters who are set to appear in the film.

Way of the Househusband: the Movie is set to release in theaters in Japan on June 3, 2022.

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