When Does Boruto Get Good?


Although the Naruto series came to its conclusion in 2014 when its titular character achieved his goal of becoming Hokage and leaving his village in peace for the first time in a long while, it didn’t take long for the world of the Shinobi to be revisited once again in 2017’s Boruto.

While the series had quite a bit of hype and momentum from the get-go given that it was a continuation of one of the most beloved anime series of all time, many fans wrote the show off entirely not long after it aired.

There are multiple reasons why the show didn’t live up to the early hype, namely poor story choices, a lack of contributions from Naruto creator Masahi Kishimoto, and slow story progression overall. Despite its rocky start, the show has recently picked up steam and the story is in a much better place. This should give Naruto fans hope for a brighter future and a renewed reason to check the series out.

The Boruto fan community seems to share a similar sentiment on when the show begins to get good, with most suggesting that from the Chunin Exam arc onward, it only improves.

If you had to select a single episode to begin watching from, episode 50 is likely the best place to hop in, as it’s all uphill from there. If you have the time and the will, however, then watching the previous episodes is going to provide some context, as it offers more insight into Boruto’s new characters and the situation present in the Leaf Village during the show.

A big reason why the show has suddenly improved is because the original Naruto writer Kishimoto has returned to the series from the manga Chapter 52, meaning that if you were a fan of the original series, then going forward you should notice a similar tone.

If you’re looking to check the series out but don’t have the time to catch it all, then instead of skipping the first 50 episodes, we suggest that you use this Boruto filler guide to skip over the episodes that aren’t necessary to the story.