Who is Beam in ‘Chainsaw Man?’ His powers, aliases, and more

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Warningthe following article contains spoilers for Chainsaw Man season oneepisode nine, “From Kyoto.”

Chainsaw Man has an ostensibly endless supply of interestingly powered characters in its story, and Beam is no different.

In season one, episode nine, “From Kyoto,” catastrophe explodes all over the city and the Public Safety Devil Hunters are under attack by the Gun Devil’s influence. Everyday citizens attain guns and kill many devil hunters as Denji and Special Division 4 are attacked by Akane and Katana Man. By the end of the episode, the Public Safety Devil Hunters’ ranks have been substantially decreased and the members of Special Divisions 1-3 are absorbed into Special Division 4, which Akane will oversee. One such member happens to be Beam.


Beam is a fiend — similar to Power, only his abilities are animal-based. Fiends are devils who have taken over human corpses as a means of survival, and in Beam’s case, he appears as a young and muscular man. He’s got a shark snout and a fin at the top of his head, and no visible eyes. Fittingly, he wears swim trunks at all times and he’s especially lethal in the water. Also, unlike Power, he’s a fan of Denji’s and thinks his chainsaws are cool.

In his partial Shark Fiend form, devil form, he has a shark head with three pairs of eyes, and in his full transformation, Beam’s Shark Devil form is even more powerful and all of his other abilities are enhanced. he has powerful jaws that can crush strong material with ease and he can swim at fast speeds through solid objects using his intangibility.

Beam is very durable for a fiend — transitioning from devil to fiend makes them more vulnerable — but with his shark abilities come tougher skin. In the manga, he’s able to withstand Bomb Girl’s explosions and can still walk away.


Beam has several names and aliases that he goes by, which include Shark Devil and Shark Fiend. His name originates from the second highest order of angel named Cherubims, which makes sense once you think about it. Prior to its “baby” descriptions, cherubs were considered human-like and composed of different creatures, kind of like fiends. Beam is a devil, a shark, and a man hybrid, and similar to the way that Cherubs serve the will of a higher authority, Beam follows the will of the Akane and Public Safety Devil Hunters.

Fan favorite character

Many Chainsaw Man fans are excited for Beam’s appearance in the show and for his friendship with Denji. Characters on the show tend to just tolerate Denji and his antics, but Beam couldn’t be any happier being Denji’s partner. After so much loss in Chainsaw Man lately, it’ll be nice for this shark-themed character to add some fun to the story.