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Who is the Beast Titan in ‘Attack On Titan?’

He's one of the most important characters in the series.

Screengrab via Wit Studio

Of the characters in Attack on Titan, some of the most powerful and intriguing are those who are vesicles for the Nine Titans. Of these Titans, one of the more interesting is the Beast Titan.

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Being one of the largest in stature and one of the more striking in appearance, given that it’s the only Titan to be covered in fur, the Beast Titan stands out amongst the rest for plenty of reasons.

When we meet the Beast Titan in season two of Attack on Titan, not a lot is revealed about his backstory or true identity; however, his incredible throwing strength is put on full display.

Who is the Beast Titan?

Zeke Jaeger from Attack on Titan
Screengrab via Crunchyroll

The Beast Titan’s host in Attack on Titan is Zeke Jaeger, the half-brother of the series protagonist, Eren Jaeger.

Zeke was born to Grisha Jaeger and Dina Fritz at a time when the pair was planning to restore the Eldians to their position of power by overthrowing Marley. This obsession took away his parents’ focus from him throughout much of his childhood and, fearing that the Marley authorities would find out about their plans and sentence them all to life as pure Titans, Zeke turned his parents in.

Following their arrest, and believing that he was responsible for their deaths, Zeke continued training to become a warrior while working to continue their cause in the shadows. Eventually, Zeke received the power of the Beast Titan from his friend Ksaver at 17 years old.

With his new Titan form and superior intellect, Zeke continued to put his plan of finding “salvation” for the Eldian people into motion while at the same time playing both sides in the war between Eldia and Marley.

Attack on Titan fans can look forward to the finale of the long-running series landing later this year.

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