Why can Falco’s Jaw Titan fly? Falco’s titan powers in ‘Attack on Titan,’ explained

Falco's Jaw Titan from 'Attack on Titan'
Image via MAPPA

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for part three of Attack on Titan‘s final season, as well as the manga.

Those who have accompanied Attack on Titan from start to finish are all too aware of Hajime Isayama’s knack for foreshadowing. Over the course of the series, the author sprinkled in so many hints about what was to come that, when looking back on it, the audience was left feeling utterly dumbfounded. That’s one of the best things about Attack on Titan — we never quite know where the narrative is headed, but when it gets there, we berate ourselves for not having realized it sooner.

Falco Grice’s unique titan traits are a great example of such. One would think that the character’s name being suspiciously similar to “falcon” could’ve prepared fans for this plot twist. Nevertheless, when Falco’s Jaw Titan sprouted wings and takes to the sky, fans were both impressed and confused. If the Jaw Titan’s defining ability is its hardened jaw, where did the wings come from?

Warning: Spoilers to follow.

How can Falco’s Titan fly in Attack on Titan?

Falco Grice's Jaw Titan flying in the 'Attack on Titan' manga
Image via Kodansha

To understand why Falco’s titan has the ability to fly, fans must first understand the Beast Titan. The audience was first introduced to this abnormal titan while in the possession of Zeke, who resembles a monkey in titan form; however, not all previous inheritors of the beast shared this appearance. In reality, the Beast Titan’s defining trait is its animal characteristics, but those are not always monkey-like. As Falco discovers by seeing the memories passed down from the Beast Titan inheritors, this creature has manifested bird-like traits before.

Right about now, some may be wondering how this relates to the Jaw Titan in any way, and truth is, it never has — until Falco inherited it. Because the child was turned into a titan by consuming Zeke’s spinal fluid, some of the Beast Titan’s characteristics were passed onto him as well. Thus, when Falco ate Porco and inherited the Jaw Titan, along with its small size, agility, and hardened jaw, he also manifested the Beast’s animal traits, which in this case are bird-like.

This isn’t the first time Attack on Titan fans saw titan shifters hold more than one titan ability. Over the series, Eren, for example, acquires the powers of the Attack, Founding, and Warhammer Titans by eating their previous holders. By drinking Armor fluid, the protagonist also gains the Female Titan’s ability to harden parts of its body into a crystal-like quality. Taking everything into consideration, Falco’s ability to fly in titan form shouldn’t have been as surprising as it was.

Despite how cool Falco’s unique titan form is, anime viewers will have to wait a bit longer to see it again. The final installment of Attack on Titan will come to our screens during Fall 2023.